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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

New Wendling at Stuart Ng's this weekend

What? Is it convention time already? Nope, it's a new thing at Stuart's. He used to invite a few people to come over to Torrance if you were around town and check out his entire book selection (I've never had the pleasure, though my brother Louie has and he raves about it). Now, Stuart's upped the ante by holding the first open house for the holidays. For you folks in L.A., the weekends of December 9-10 and 16-17, he's opened a new 1000 sq ft showroom for everybody to visit. That's a picture of it above. More info here.

Claire Wendling. DESK. 64 pages of pencil drawings and sketches of animals and imaginary creatures and monsters. Exclusive to this edition are three new drawings, a Foreword by Mike Mignola, and a new biography of the artist (her first published biography in English)

There's a new Claire Wendling book out. Their getting delivery at the showroom today and will be available this coming weekend. Everyone who comes by can pick up a copy. So, make plans, give yourself an early Christmas gift (I mean, really. Who else can give you the books you really want other than yourself, eh?).

Last weekend was a huge success. The place must have been mobbed. They got so busy they couldn't even run back to the house to grab the camera to take a snap. So,here's a photo from a few conventions ago of Stuart (left) and brother Steven (at right sporting a vintage Paper Biscuit shirt featuring dream girl Nina). They are good people. Oh, and them books are nice to have too.

Stuart Ng Books


Blogger Louie del Carmen said...

Dangit! I missed last weekend's open house and i'll be missing this weekends as well... Maybe i'll get my chance to see his new digs soon. As you know it's always a dangerous proposition visiting Stuart because his catalogue is second to none and it's easy to get carried away.. I made out like a bandit the last time I was there and it's all so worth it.

That's a nice pic of the Ng brothers by the way... Such nice guys and all class...

3:38 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I had the chance to check it out for only a lil bit last weekend, and man, that selection he has is top notch!

I could spend the whole day in there, and it also helps that I live in Torrance! woohoo!

If anyone has a chance to check it out don't pass it up!

9:12 AM

Blogger Only Ones Papers said...

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6:52 PM

Blogger benton jew said...

I went there on Sunday. DANG! There really isn't anything there I WOULDN'T buy if I had unlimited cash. Usually, when you go to your average comic store you
have to really hard search for something you like. With Stuart it's the opposite. There's so much good stuff. Got some great stuff by Carlos Gimenez, Alfonso Font,
Bezian ( with a great little noir book ) and others. Plus he had a sweet deal on the James Bama book/DVD combo.

10:10 PM

Blogger Josh Mauser said...

this place is like crack in terms of wonderful art books. Great prices as well. I have enough trouble not splurging from the website; I don't think I could handle being there in person. :D

8:50 AM


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