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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Joann Sfar visits Pixar

Joann drew the genesis of his characters, from the Rabbi's Cat to lovesick Ferdinand the Vampire. A friend tells him one day that he's been drawing his grandfather. He tried a drawing of his grandfather and, well, wouldn't you know it, he was right.

Near Sfar. I knew about the visit for months and was looking forward to it. Unfortunately, this is the worst week for it, we've reels to make ready for an imminent screening. That means late nights and running around trying to catch many spinning plates. I did manage to carve out one hour out of yesterday's schedule to be at his talk.

He was so entertaining and very gracious, self-effacing in spite of us knowing his place in the world of published author-artist. His philosophy was simple: he just goes straight ahead and writes/draws. Trusting that his characters will show him where they should go."It doesn't always work," he disclaims several times, though at his output strata these moments are likely negligible. He draws in cafes on a sketchbook and once he takes pen to paper, "That is what the character is doing." No going back. We ask if he has less inspired pages, he answers, "If I am unhappy with a page I just start the next one."

At the end of it I was lamenting that we won't be spending more time talking stories and drawing. He says that he will be at San Diego next year and maybe we can make that happen there. Likely, he'll be scheduled to the hilt.

It was inspiring to us who are budding writer/artists who wish to make books(maybe even spend more time working on them, as opposed to the stolen fragments of days here and there). We got our Sfar books signed along with a lithe brushpen drawing and the feeling that we know him now.

It was an hour very well spent and the next day we were going on about what he was able to share with us. Made us want dive back in and start again. The late nights at work don't leave much for drawing for yourself.

Maybe next month. Yeah.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi there,

i'm french and i take the occasion that you talk about a french author to ask you a question.
I've been a fan of your drawnings for a long time, and i wish i could order one issue of paper biscuit...

How can i do (what's mention on your website seems quite complicated) ?

thank's in advance and long life to your blog !


12:52 PM

Blogger Karen Luk said...

I was lucky enough to catch him at Comic Relief! I really like how he said to "forget beautiful drawings to focus on proper storytelling." It was revealing to see how he just dove in with the drawings.

10:26 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

What an honor for a french comic artist to be known and appreciated by his foreign peers... this happened a very few times, there's so many things we can share abroad, fortunately, internet can intervene in some way.

11:23 AM


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