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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Been Busy at work

Pencil and watercolor on watercolor paper. This Nina print will be at the 3 flowers show at Nucleus on November 4, 2006.

Been a while, eh? The days came and went, and the posts I thought I'd be making on the blog had be to bussed to the end of the line. Everything's fine. Just a gaggle of stuff is raining down at the moment.

3 Trees book. Been doing work with Gingko press to finish this book. Inspite of everyone's best effort the book will not make it to our November 4 date. But we've got a treat waiting for those who're looking to purchase the book. I'll post details here as we iron them out. 3 Trees& 3 Flowers exhibit at Nucleus.

Artwork. Believe or not, I still have to deliver on artwork for the show. Thank goodness the 3 flowers (Katayama, Tanji and Sasai) will be taking the bulk of the show floor and we gents are the side attraction this year (check out this post about the ladies). But still, getting the momentum to create the images just doesn't happen on demand.

Swallow 3. Ashley wood's announcement lit a fire under me to collect my meager offerings to be a worthy contributor to the roster of talent he's invited me to join. A certain other del Carmen is going to be on there too. Neat, huh?

Making movies. Oh, there's the day job of helping out in making movies here at the house o' Pixar. A challenging and demanding daily foray into practicing the craft of storyboarding for a world-class feature animation studio...well, it keeps you on your toes.

Glen Murakami noticed that I hadn't posted in a while and was concerned enough to ping me with an email. That woke me up. So, I'm back and hope to be updating more regularly.

Oh, and if you care to see, the 3 Trees book is already offered at Amazon. See it here.


Blogger roque said...

Beautiful drawing. Can't wait for the book!

12:24 AM

Blogger DSK said...

Wow, the fact that Glen "I'm not an email guy" Murakami wrote anybody is worthy of a post!
Glad to see you posting again - I was wondering about you as well.

11:02 PM

Blogger Firas said...

Man, Ronnie and Ashley in the same book?! Gorgeous drawing. Love your work.

12:51 PM

Blogger J said...

This is really beautiful Ronnie.

9:46 PM

Blogger MehmetSaygin said...

Very very beautiful :) I hope this print will be available via their site.I really want this one.

10:55 PM


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