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Friday, August 04, 2006

Flora. A postcard design before the trip.

Photoshop. May need to refine this a little more.

Twelve years. Been planning a trip back to the Philippines since forever. One thing I learned from the last few years of doing books, Japan jaunts, Sketchcrawls, galleries and con appearances it this: Planning doesn't work. You just do it. Variables and obstacles will show up, plan or no plan.

But this one has been hitting a lucky streak. Different. Classmates from way back have been very helpful in organizing meetings and talks. Tess' uncle, Ted, just hustled and got a talk schedule into place. Going back to the old college, UST College of Fine Arts, and a few other schools. I'm preparing a Keynote file to do a rant. Even got a Macbook for the trip. Sweet. It's like butter.

Tired and frantic, because there's other things in life that will ask for attention. But inspite of that I did get to most of my checklists (there's a few more to do, but hey...). Now, watch me forget my passport or something moronic.

Thanks to all back home who've been so instrumental in getting this together. And I'll be seeing you all in less than two weeks. Meanwhile I gotta refine my presentation. Wait, my throat's all scratchy, and I'm achy all over. Sigh.


University of Santo Tomas


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Ronnie,

Good for you on your trip back to PI. My favorite things of the Philippines are the little things: the cool 70s sound in the taxi cab like Earth Wind and Fire, (the cabbie sings along), the best mango in the entire planet, killah Povoron at Goldilocks (the ones in the US are not so good). The colors of Manila are still embedded in my mind: Green, brown and yellow. I did not like the traffic but it is matter of patience and meditation. Are you going to the resorts? Bohol was a really great place. I never been to Palawan but I heard that it is real nice.

Have fun.


9:39 PM

Blogger DSK said...

Hey Ronnie, the Missus and I just returned form a month in the Philippines two weeks ago! Despite the unbelievable humidity we had a great time visiting Manila, Tagatay, Leyte and Baguio. Of course every other day seemed to be a family get together which invariably involved drinking and karaoke. Gotta agree with cK about the mangos - I couln't go 2 days with out a yellow or green mango shake and now I'm in withdrawls!
Have a great trip!

12:59 AM

Blogger Louie del Carmen said...

Have a great time in PI. I can't really imagine what the place looks like these days. I haven't been back since we left in 1989... some 17 years ago. The Manila (and Cavite) in my mind is still vintage late 1980's. My high school class is planning a major reunion in 2008 (25 years!) So I might have to go then.

Don't pig out too much on pinoy food and whatever you do.....don't drink the water!!

1:07 AM

Blogger J said...

Best of luck Ronnie.
Amazing postcard. Your work gets more elegant and dare I say, sophisticated, as time goes on.

9:25 AM

Blogger Chris Battle said...

Wow-- that's cool. No refinement needed!

9:27 AM

Blogger Meesimo said...

Beautiful and elegant indeed. Any sketching first or was it all in program?
Curious to see any refinements, but it's at a sweet spot as is.

4:24 PM

Blogger Chris George said...

This design is beautiful, man!! Superb color palette and composition. I love it.

8:04 AM

Blogger monkeyfeather said...

Have a great trip Ronnie!

Great postcard.


8:39 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Love that postcard image Ronnie - tis a real beauty.

have a blast on your trip.

9:58 AM

Blogger Grant said...

Wonderful economy! Bold simple statement.

Wow! 17 years huh. That's a life time.
And then again maybe not. Things seem to come right back. Not exactly as they were, but as we remember them.

Have fun.

1:30 PM

Blogger Clio said...

That card is so beautiful! And have fun in the Philippines!

11:56 PM

Blogger Unknown said...

That card is stunning!! Elegant and beautiful!! Have a great trip!!

12:45 PM


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