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Saturday, August 05, 2006

Of course. A volcano.

Mayon Volcano. Known for its nearly perfect conical shape of all vocanoes, Mayon is also the most active volcano in the Philippines. And, as luck would have it, getting rather testy lately. It's 212 miles south of Manila, so I'm well away from any fiery retribution. I think. Flights might be affected. Doesn't seem to faze the locals.

Never gone to see the volcano myself, and maybe this isn't the best time to. And my schedules don't have that much wiggle room right now. Really.

I hope the drills work. I wonder if they get any more gear than just hankerchiefs over their faces. Troubling photos.

Wikipedia on Mayon volcano
Philippine Officials:Volcano May Erupt

UPDATE:Alert level 4 raised as Mayon eruption ‘imminent’

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Blogger Bobby Pontillas said...

I visit the Volcano everytime I go back, as it is right by my province in Bicol, so I'll be keeping a watchful eye on this. From what I've read it seems there were some little earthquakes which means the lava flow could intensify. Hoping for the best.

12:57 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Watching real lava flow a few feet away from me was one of the most moving experiences of my life. Just being near such energy and feeling the futility of us puny humans in the face of it is truly something. But that was in Hawaii, which has one of the most tame & predictable volcanos on the planet. If this one is on the edge of an eruption I'd keep a healthy distance.

3:03 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...


Actually, my mother in law from Bicol.

You are psyching yourself out. Hilo is just a few miles from a very active volcano. Just enjoy yourself. I am sure that the Gods will be watching over you.

Now, having wandering eyes with all those beautiful babes in Manila. That is another story.....


3:48 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...


Sorry, I think that I spoke too soon. It looks like Mayon is about to blow its top. I hope that it does not affect your trip. Have a safe one.


7:54 AM

Blogger pierre alary said...

hey ronnie . i don't know if the other E mail adress work(i've sent you an E mail) . just to say it was a real pleasure and an honor to meet you in S.D! i hope we could keep in touch by mail (despite my poor english). all the best;pierre

4:31 PM

Blogger kaNO! said...

wow, I can't believe those kids are so close to it, is that aregular type of thing in the phillipines?

5:48 AM


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