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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Three Flowers Show

Amazing Grace. I heard as the week progressed to the day of the exhibit that the images Nucleus had received were...well, amazing. I walked into the gallery space in the morning all ready to set up the few pieces we had for our part of the show. The ladies and Tadahiro had stayed up late last night (well into the morning hours, really) just getting their images up on the walls. We were about to walk into this.

I couldn't pick where to look first, they filled the walls with so many beautiful framed work, so I just stood there with that indecision for a while. The work from Yoko Tanji, Wakako Takayama and Icco Sassai, all different and stand out on their own, was refreshing , inspiring and just plain beautiful. After I recovered I went upstairs to the upper gallery. I wasn't going to be spared because Tadahiro's work was up here. I was done for. Man, those images are so awesome.

Pause. Preparing for these things don't come easy. Even my few offerings for the show took me weeks of preparation and carving time out from work and family--and that includes just knitting your brow, wondering if the work is good enough to show. These ladies and Tadahiro must have done that--times a thousand. They had more images AND they had to schlep all the way from Japan to make this show happen.

So, not only am I really awe struck at the work but very grateful to them for taking the time and the massive effort to have these images here for us to view. There is every reason why an event like this can fail to happen, but this one did and I feel very privileged to see the work.

Da Show. People arrived and kept on coming. There was a steady stream of familiar faces and new ones. It was so good to connect with L.A. friends. There were also people who drove down from quite a ways, some from the Bay area. There was at least one I met who flew in from New York (I gave a little doodle as a token of my gratitude for their trek over here). As you already know, the book we hoped that would be there wasn't but we had poster prints for the patrons who chose to pre-order it there. Gingko Press will ship it to you when it is released. There was a mock-up of the book you can page through at the show. I showed it off every chance I got. Man, I can't wait.

I always want to draw on white walls of galleries. This time I started on adhesive notes. I posted one over the shelf of Muji stuff, a Nina saying how much she loves them. An hour later I find a flurry of post-its done by others. May have started something there. I did draw on the walls eventually, I drew a Peg next to my favorite images from the ladies. I hope they don't mind.

My thanks to all who came to the show, you don't know what a joy it is to see so many people enjoying the work of our friends from Japan. Thank you for all the kind words for the work, theirs as well as for mine and Enrico's. This keeps us going, just so you know.

See you all for a book signing (sigh) in the next couple of months. Details, when that happens will be announced in this space.

If you didn't join us there last weekend you can visit the work at Nucleus, it'll be up for a spell. And if you're online you can check their website for prints!

If you want to see some excellent blurry images of the show, then go here.


Blogger monkeyfeather said...

Looks like it was a great show Ronnie. I look forward to seeing it this weekend. Couldn't make it to LA two weekends in a row, but I'm there this weekend for a friend's birthday and I plan on getting over to Nucleus to check the show out.

8:49 AM

Blogger Karen Luk said...

Looks like a grand turnout! I'm looking forward to getting my mitts on your book.

10:20 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Ronnie,

Congratulations! It was awesome. In fact, too much to handle for one evening. I will definitely go back to see it again, and try to soak it in once more. You say that the response keeps you going - well, the artwork from 3 Trees and 3 Flowers is very inspiring and keeps the rest of us going on our own end as well (trying to catch up maybe, or just believing in art?)

Without getting too philosophical, thank you for your art!


10:59 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

All I can say is wow. I was stunned with the variety of work at this show! It was all incredible - it's impossible to pick favorites. But it was definitely worth the trip from New York! I even was able to grab a few pieces from almost all six artists. I'm glad you guys had the three flowers - Yoko Tanji's stuff is stunning. Thanks for the little sketch that night Ronnie - one of my little prized possesions now! :) Hope to see another show next year - I'll definitely be coming down again for it! Thanks for the incredible night!

(shamiqua @ gmail . com)

1:09 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Ronnie,

I am sorry that I could not make but I am still adjusting to my new job. I was there in spirit. Looks like there was some great art. I really like Uesugi-san new prints where there is definately local SF-Bay Area flavor. Enrico's knee (nude) is awesome. Your work is as always great. (wanted to buy but some other lucky guy has some nice pickups)


PS. Dude, are you sporty that shaggy side burn and goat tee? Want to see some finger snapping beatnik poetry with some bongo beat baby. :)

5:12 PM

Blogger Unknown said...

Great to see you and Enrico again at the show. AWESOME artworks, have lots of fun that evening!! Have to confess, very temping to "pick" one of those little post-it drawings of yours on the wall .... HE ! HE!!

10:01 AM

Blogger monkeyfeather said...

Just got back from LA. I got to check out the show this morning. It looked fantastic. Saw the mock up of the book as well. can't wait to pick up a copy. GORGEOUS work by all involved (for the show and the book.)

9:41 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

congratulation for the flowers exhibit!!!very nice work!!

12:59 PM


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