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Sunday, November 19, 2006

Jordi Bernet

This was an excellent big print on natural color paper clipped to a board on his table. I wanted one but no copies to be had that day. There were, however, Torpedo original art. I lost my mind. Didn't but one that day. Regretting it since. May have to fix that.

Master Artist. Last May, Super-con had as a special guest: Jordi Bernet. I'm a big fan of his work on Torpedo 1936, so I had to go. He was mobbed, of course, and people were lining up for drawings and signing their books. I fell in line and waited (he took a break for lunch), some guys had arm loads of books. I was very zen about the whole thing. I just wanted to buy a book, have it signed and shake the man's hand. I'm afraid that I'd sound like a babbling idiot so I didn't plan on saying much.

He reminded me of one my uncles, dad's brother. My father's side of the family have genes reaching back to Spain. That makes me a fraction Spaniard.

After a pious wait it was my turn. He was gracious and drew on my book. I did talk to him (his son translated) and handed him a copy of Paper Biscuit (what was I thinking?). He was very nice and kept the books in his bag.

Months later I get email from the man. He says that he read the books and liked them. I've been snowed under at work and the pressure has been mounting, Joann Sfar's visit and this were just what I needed. Been away from drawing my stories for a while and I can feel the incipient crust of frustration forming. Reading that email made a big difference for that afternoon. My thanks to the master, Mr. Bernet.


I pulled out the old digital camera and shot this leetol movie of Mr. Bernet drawing on my book. A few seconds only but what the heck, I got a kick out of it and maybe a few of you out there would too. Here

Bento Jew's blog post on his encounter with JB.

Wikipedia on Jordi Bernet.

Will Eisner introduction for Jordi Bernet.


Blogger Louie del Carmen said...

Hey Bro!

Oh man I would have killed to have been there! Jordi Bernet is a freakin' god in the same league as Moebius and Toth. His female sketches are just exquisite!

Oh yeah, you should have bought the print. (that's what you get for stealing that Jaime Hernandez L&R pin up from under my nose 3 comic-cons ago! )

See you in a few days.

8:48 AM

Blogger Erik James Olsen said...

Sweet post Ronnie, Thanks for sharing it...

10:35 AM

Blogger Unknown said...

Agree...I would have been the drooling fanboy as well....

Nice to hear you are a fanboy as well.......deep inside us all.


10:38 AM

Blogger Paul Tuller said...

It's always inspiring to get encouragment from one you admire
aaaaaw yes, I get the "fanboy" giggles...it's the worst

1:20 PM

Blogger monkeyfeather said...

Aw man, I hemmed and hawed about going to that con in Oakland. For whatever reason, I didn't go and now I find out that Bernet was there!? How did I miss that? Great, now I'm kicking myself. Somebody better tell me if Moebius ever comes to this area...

9:14 PM

Blogger Doc Shaner said...

I know this is an old post Ronnie, but I found it while searching for Bernet stuff.

Count me as immensely jealous, I would give just about anything just to see him drawing no less get something from him. Such an unbelievable talent.

I've read somewhere that he's been sick and hasn't been making many appearances lately, which is unfortunate. Would really love to meet him someday, no less get one of those Torpedo prints.

7:05 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...


I´m a spanish guy who can help you all to get that print. I,m too a big fan of Mr. Bernet (=I have a original page from Torpedo!!). So if you want it just write to juanjoam1202@yahoo.es.

Take care,

7:45 AM


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