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Sunday, November 27, 2005


Piedmont Avenue flower shop next to an unassuming antique store. It was a beautiful day Saturday. The light was just perfect and the air was crisp, fall colors adorn the trees. Good to be alive.

Ahhhh.Back from the road trip and glad to be back home. The dinner at Rick's and Luisa's was quite filling. My father was well enough to be driven by the managed care facility to be with us. A big surprise since he's been very limited to his hospital bed. A drive to Melrose for the kids to take a gander at the shops there yielded some shoppping finds for my brood. I found this (below) taped to a payphone and though I lived in L.A., for ten years before moving away I almost forgot that this is the movie capital of the world. And it needs extras!

Not really unusual but I found the insistence on "Real People" funny. I guess the other kind shows up more and they've had it them.

Last night we lit the first fireplace fire of the year and we had dinner in the living room. Salads and fruits, Parmigiano Reggiano cheese (my fave) and ciabatta bread, wheat beer...a quiet night at home. My son's one time stuffed toy friend, Lasky, stares longingly at the fire. Hope you all had a relaxing thanksgiving break.

Lasky was bought at an Ikea store back in '96 and its become his pal ever since. Rather hairless now he stays with me more these days. Eighteen-year old boys cannot be caught with their old toys anymore.

I'll be taking dear Lasky on an Alaskan trip someday to meet up with his "people."


Blogger Amelia Lorenz said...

Woody, Dory, Jack Skellington and a stuffed kitty all ride around with me in my car, I admit...and I'm 17 :)
Who says I have to grow up completely?


8:51 PM

Blogger Ronnie said...

Good for you, Amelia. My daughter has a bedful of them and she's sixteen (by the end of next month). I love stuffed toys but my job allows me to have them around. Talking to them though I have to make sure no one is around. It would be hard to explain.

Buzz and Woody knows what I'm talking about.

Hope you had a great holiday weedend and regards to your folks.


11:49 AM


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