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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Nine Lives

Permit me to plug a Movie. I think that I'd mention this movie if you all were sitting around having cofee with me and the topic came around to, "So, seen any good movies lately?" As a fan and appreciator of good performances, I would throw in "Nine Lives." I had the good fortune to have worked briefly with Julie Lynn( she is a joy to work with, I swear. She had enough spirit, spunk and craftiness at the end of our workday when the rest of us were dishrag spent) and she mentioned this little movie she was producing, directed by Rodrigo Garcia.

Robin Wright Penn's performance in her segment with Jason Isaacs was rivetting. I know that description gets bandied about carelessly about performances but I was literally mesmerized by her on the screen, going through ranges and surges of emotion and not an inauthentic tic in that whole ten minute single take. And I find out from Julie that they did that thing from top to tail over several times! I marvel at what focus and discipline it would take to make those moments happen again and again as if they were going on for the first time.

I can go on about Holly Hunter, Lisa Gay Hamiltona and Kathy Baker...but do check it out yourself, it's already playing in N.Y. and L.A. and opens in 25 cities starting this weekend.

From the movie website: "NINE LIVES is a moving exploration of the individual experiences of nine women as told through nine single unbroken takes. As characters from one story reappear in supporting roles in others, Rodrigo Garcia interweaves a grand tapestry of universal resonance that hinges on performances from an incredible ensemble. By depicting nine different characters at emotional crossroads, NINE LIVES examines how we so often find ourselves captive in relationships, both past and present."

Nine Lives Website


Anonymous Will said...

I may have to trek it to Austin to see this when it comes out. Not many indie theatres in central Texas.

4:16 PM

Blogger Ronnie said...

I hope you found the movie eventually. Made me want to see more roles of substance for women.

I can do without action movies for a decade. I mean, "Stealth"? Come on! And if I never see a T.V. show turned into big screen doo-doo it will be too soon.


11:43 AM


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