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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Neil Gaiman and Joss Wedon interview

Time.com's Lev Grossman interviews Neil Gaiman and Joss Wedon. They both have movies in the offing, thus the reason for the interview. A casual view into two writers in popular media and what they go through. There was a time when both these gentlemen's fare was fringe, you dared not reveal to your friends that you read fantasy or sci fi--unless you knew they were into it. Neil makes a note about how people will insist that he does "Graphic Novels" just to keep away from the icky monicker, "Comic Books." I got Neil Gaiman's blog on an aggregator (the man works constantly) and I might be checking out Serenity, because of the creepy mystery girl, River (Summer Glau). Check out this link for some viral marketing clips, Dr. Tam sessions.

Best quote from the interview is last one from Neil.

Last time I was at Comicom, there were like 5,000 people there, and the audience was going to try and cut me off with stuff to sign. They had to figure out how to get me off the stage. All of a sudden, I'm getting to the end of the conversation. Dave McKean and I were doing a Mirrormask thing and we're ready to leave the stage. I look up and they have a bodyguard line of 30 Klingons. They're six-foot six and four-feet wide and they have the foreheads and they had linked arms. We were being lead off behind a human wall —a Klingon wall—of Klingon warriors. And I thought, how good does it get?

Time.com Interview with Neil Gaiman and Joss Wedon.
Neil Gaiman's Journal

Link to Session 416, the first excerpt, of the Dr. Tam Sessions.
Link to Session 416, second excerpt, of the Dr. Tam Sessions.


Blogger Pop Astronaut said...

That's got to be the best interview I've read in a long time. Neil and Joss are so smart, as if we didn't already know that. Whoever put them together is a genius. My favorite part...

"It really is this thing of executives loving the smell of their own urine and urinating on things. And then more execs come in, and they urinate. And then the next round. By the end, they have this thing which just smells like pee, and nobody likes it."

6:32 PM

Blogger Ronnie said...

I loved Coraline a lot and was a big fan of Death: the High cost of living--too bad that New Line will likely run it to the ground.

Joss' story and plot sense is one of the best in the business--even helped a certain CG feature studio back in the day.

That quote is funny. We default to a variation when dealing with "creative executives" (it's been a while) but instead of pee a certain appendage is rubbed all over a project by all them execs as a matter of course. "What? I haven't rubbed my [appendage] on that script yet. Bring it here! Even though I'm a low level development lackey and have no real leverage on the material I must do this empty ego gesture to assuage the fact that my presence here is of no consequence whatsoever."

Actually, I've seen it when all the exec notes are done to the letter and yet they still wonder why the reels stink. Must be them damn artists/writers/plebian workers.

9:21 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is a short response, and while I still have to thoroughly read the interviews (don't know much about Wedon, but am familiar with Gaiman,) I just gotta say "appendage" is about the funniest "biz" euphemism I've heard. Actually it's even funnier the way you put it because now it works as an euphemism for another euphemism. Is it perhaps Double Euphemism?

Ha! Appendage. XD


12:15 AM

Blogger Alan said...

That is a great interview from two of my favorite creators. Thanks for the link!

3:33 PM


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