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Friday, September 16, 2005

Joann Sfar

(This needed it's own post all it's own. This is technically a re-post but it's only been a day) Joann Sfar is a world renowned author/illustrator who has a hit in our shores, "Petit Vampire" and more recently the first volume of "The Rabbi's Cat." He is going to be in the U.S. to do a signing tour this coming week. All east coast though. Here's the Random house page of his itinerary.

Frolific guy to say the least, just take a look at this page of what he's been up to. I was in the middle of enjoying the trip of reading "The Rabbi's Cat" when I get email from him last week (pre-car jack) introducing himself. What's this? He's emailing me? I was going to write him at some point and rave about his work! Anyway, a flurry of emails later and we're canoodling like schoolboy pals in a new playground. What can I tell you about him? He works like a fiend till 3 a.m. and consequently sleep deprived; very excitable and enthusiasm unbound, full of stories; his English is far better than my French will ever be (which is at zero), likes coffee, and somehow finds time to write me back. He commiserates about the car but really he's bolted through the starting gate about other stuff already--this guys's got no slow button, I tells ya. Ain't the internet grand?


Thanks to all who've written and sent me their links to their sites. I'm unable to update links and if I out and out forget please don't get mad at short attention span ol' me. Write me again and I'll give another go.

Speaking of other responsibilities and other mishaps: The day before the car incident my old iMac Special edition (had it for five years) went on the fritz (again) and can't connect to the internet. All the mail I've got in there I've no direct way to access and reply to(they've piled up, I know). Using my Powerbook now at home. So, if you've requested an answer to queries about where to get Paper Biscuit books you are also enjoined not to hurl philosophical rocks at me. Technical difficulties, 'is all. Instead please check out that button on the side bar "Where to buy Paper Biscuit" for getting books.


Blogger Yaxin said...

Joann Sfar est un genie de la bande dessinnées europeenne. :)))
He 's really a great guy, a marvelous artist. and I love his twisted soft sense of humor he put in his comics.

2:03 PM

Blogger Yaxin said...

by the way, sfar have kind of a webpage:


2:06 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just picked up the book on a lark the other day. Love the cat's voice. Too bad he'll only be on the East Coast.

8:29 AM


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