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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

4th World Wide Sketchcrawl: What a blast!

"The Scourge of the Sketchcrawlers!" A scuffling horde of sunscreen flouting, graphite wielding, drawing junkies/zombies out to make plein air impressions of a neighborhood near you!

The biggest Sketchcrawl event yet. Enrico had outdone himself with this Sketchcrawl. More people showed up and, from what I can gather from checking in with people, they all did more drawings that in past Sketchcrawls. We've been pretty lucky with weather in all the San Francisco crawls. The sun came out to give us spectacular drawing sceneries, given how finicky the sun could be in the city we're pretty blessed. By the time I got there Dolores Cafe seemed to have been invaded by a monastic drawing order, taken up their outdoor and indoor seating, sketchbook and pencils already off to the races.

I took a group to the nearby park and we settled into warming up (literally, for most. By the end of the day a good number of us were a deep red from sun burn). Next we hoofed it the corner of Church and Market to regroup. Took the Muni to have lunch, walked to the Haight and then into the park for more drawing. Sketchcrawlers make the best subjects because they hold really still for a long time. After that, even deeper in the park we encountered a drum community drumming up a storm among a Saturday audience of picnickers and sun worshippers. Then it was off to the Japanese Tea house -- free after 5 p.m.--to draw our final, serene garden.

All that done we headed to the canvas Cafe where Terra had tables ready for the Sketchcrawl contigent to sit, eat, drink and pass around the sketchbooks for everyone to see the drawings of the day. The best part of the day. Amazing work from everyone. Thank you to all who came and braved the hike and goofy directions. We always mean to plan these better but that's part of the fun. This was the best Sketchcrawl yet and it was so good to hear that everyone had a great time drawing and hiking, saying that they're looking forward to the next one. So are we. Feeling this great after each one is done makes us wonder why we don't stage it more often. We'll be working on that.

Thanks again and don't miss out on the drawings. Check out the links below. Congratulations to all who attended and made this such an enjoyable Saturday to be alive.

Sketchcrawl Forum
San Francisco Sketchcrawl Forum thread


Note: I wrote this post before the catastrophic events brought on by hurricane Katrina. Our thoughts and prayers to all affected. Our little community never misses the opportunity to help in these times. Watch for relief events to be posted here soon.

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Blogger amelia said...

I'm sorry Ronnie- Louie D.C. said to say "Hi" to you guys and I totally forgot... I think all I could think about that day was how lucky I was to be there at SketchCrawl. So a belated "Hello" from Louie to you and Enrico! Sorry that I forgot!


3:21 PM

Blogger Ronnie said...

Amelia, dear, it's totally alright. Louie's my brother. It's all good. I can phone him, see? I read your blog post about Sketchcrawl--awesome! I was so glad your parents liked our rag-tag adventure of drawing and hiking. I hope your friends enjoyed the day as well. I'll post some a link to your blog, 'kay?


8:51 PM


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