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Friday, August 26, 2005


Google Ads. Tirade is not a commercial venture in that it isn't intended to be a scheme to generate revenue. It does require me to hold on to space large enough to keep the traffic going. Given that, I've attached ads on the right side bar generated by Google's Adsense. What sense? Whatever it does it does on it's own...sense; as in not selected by me.

If you find the items in those boxes intriguing and you click on them, then--as the vagaries of all things on the net are subject to--the best of luck to you. But know that when you do you will be generating hits in a counter that will go on a till that counts them up and sends me, someday, some bucks to use for the upkeep of this here blog. Likely, it won't be much (I dont' know, just trying it for the first time), but it can help.

All this is an attempt to be on the up and up. I've a wary radar about commerce about most things and judicious transparency has been something I wish most business endeavors have. So, I put my proverbial money where my internet mouth is.

Thank you, and do let me know if this colors the experience of visiting this blog. If that changes everything then I will change everything.

The Management
("Management." I've always wanted to sign off like that. Heh.)


Anonymous Anonymous said...


good luck with the ad space. Google ads seems to be slightly unobtrusive.

Do you think as mangement, you would be about to let me know how I could get my paws on PB #1? I started at 1.5, and would really love to get the beginning. Pretty please.

worker bee

5:38 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Google ads can be a great thing and you've place yours well.

Be wary though. Google is very strict on their rules regarding encouraging visitors to click on the ads. Even a simple "Click here to visit our advertisers" is frowned on.

That being said, they will send you a warning before doing anything drastic.

9:41 PM

Blogger Ronnie said...


I'll try different types of ads. Haven't really done any modifications other than color.

PB1 and 1.5 are quite sold out. I'll scrounge around but no promises, 'hear? Write me back in a few weeks.



Thanks for the heads up. I'll keep all that in mind. I'm learning this as I go along. And as an old dog, I will take longer than most to get my head around it. It'a all a journey.

The Managerial Staff

10:30 PM


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