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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Anime industry report. So that's how it works.

The Anime News Network has posted some information on a report released by JETRO (The Japan External Trade Organization) on the current state of the Anime Industry in Japan.

Earlier this year, the Japan Digital Contents & an independent government agency gathered 500 million yen each to start an investment financing fund for content production in animation.

A typical 30-minute TV episode costs 10 million yen to produce, however some cost as little as 5 million yen to produce.

Most TV series do not recoup their production costs through TV broadcasting and rely on other revenue sources (DVDs, licensing, toys, etc…) to make up the shortfall and profit.

Employees in many smaller animation studios are not paid monthly salaries. Many also don’t have guaranteed stable incomes.

--Anime Market Research Report

Am I converting that amount right? 10,000,000 yen = $91,432.7 USD. What are the current costs for an American production, 22-minute show outsourced to Asia? Upwards of 500,000 USD? Pricing the same for foreign contracts? If prices are comparable, who's getting the rest of that budget? Executive suite golden toilet seats don't pay for themselves, I guess.


Got above info through Justin Leach's site. Thanks, Enrico

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Anime News Network
Jetro report PDF


Blogger Louie del Carmen said...

of that 500k you mentioned, only 60-70k is used for overseas animation. the rest is for production and of course there are those pesky artists.... exec producers get upwards of 15-20k alone in fees per episode on top of collecting a weekly salary that is drawn from... you guessed it, the same pot.


9:10 PM

Blogger Ronnie said...

Yep, Bro. I want to see how this makes sense. We should do a symposium.


8:17 PM

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