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Thursday, June 23, 2005

Project Superior

Adhouse Books makes good books. Quality, I mean. Joel Priddy's Pulpatoon Pilgrimage, Scott Morse's Southpaw, James Jean's Process Recess, Project Telstar, and now, Project Superior. I was very impressed by Project Telstar's collected stories and the book's physical qualities were high end. Of course when Chris Pitzer invited me to contribute to Project Superior I agreed readilly. There's been a lot said about the collection that's very positive. Okay, I'm soft-pedalling that, I demure when it comes to declarative self reference-even though I'm a mere one among many in the book. I could go into my favorites but..here's a sampling of opinions on the book and the individual stories.


No wonder I jumped on the chance to be part of it, check out the names of the creators in it. Being sandwiched among these names is quite the honor. My offering was a larger story that I cut down to the six featured there. "No Prize" is indeed somewhat autobiographical--I can only wish then that I had explosive lazers shooting out of my eyes. Growing up in the my Philippines of typhoons, floods, scary catholic priests and nuns, uncertain family fortunes, political upheavals in a dictatorship, coalescing into something more benign: A benign memory. I one can hope at least.

The house represented was our house and I approximated the streets (they were much narrower). I can still see the new owners in my mind but to tell you honestly, I don't have any memory of leaving the house at all. I've tried to summon the mind pictures but all I have are forced images that's more invention than recall. Singed those cells good. So, what better way to honor the childhood than with a few comic book pages about it, eh?

I think the collection is pretty much sold out and Adhouse will likely not reprint this anthology or the previous one. Those of you who got a copy, well, yer lucky. It's rare now. Chris Pitzer will be at San Diego and we'll be holding a panel of some of the creators on the book on Thursday, July 14, 2005, 1:30-2:30 p.m. Scott Morse and I will be there among others from the book who've signed up for it. Come by and say hi.

Adhouse Books


Anonymous Anonymous said...

HI Ronnie, (E)rik here, Your comic looks great... I thought you might like too know about this...


Oh yeah, Do you and have any more of the fragments book for sell?
thanks in advance,
erik olsen

4:52 PM

Blogger Ronnie said...


Glad you like the books. Do you have a copy? Fragments, we just reprinted. And I do know about the podcasts. Congratulations! Haven't waded in though. But I will.

If you're going to Comic-con drop by and make sure you mention Animation Podcast--my mind will be puree by about Thursday of that week.


11:03 PM

Blogger Erik James Olsen said...

COOl...let me know how to order one of the fragments books....
I have question, What printer do you use? Is it in the bay area?

2:40 PM

Blogger Amelia Lorenz said...

Hi Ronnie,
When I saw the poster for One Man Band I noticed your name at the bottom! I haven't seen it yet but I really want to.


8:01 PM


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