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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Drawing post for today

My apologies to everyone who've written and not received a reply from me. I've been terribly busy and it's just the deluge of all manner of urgencies that my poor, disorganized self can bear. People who've ordered books, I am looking to a clearing of schedules around next week. People who are asking about advice and such requests all and sundry...don't be surprised that long after you've cursed my name to a snob list I reply a long ago email. Or not. I am hoping to plead simple human frailty here.

And I haven't been able to post anything since the last Sketchcrawl. Sheesh. I can't wait to win the Lotto and be free to do only the things that are about...well...me!

I'm also hoping to finish a small project of the printed variety. I'm in the niggling, detail stage of small adjustments and corrections. All I can say is that it's inspired by a storybook amphibian.

No, not Godzilla. But that's not a bad idea. Maybe down the line.

Drawing above done in Photoshop and Cintiq. Oh, and Enrico's up to something, too. Needle him about it. As well as a bunch of people around me who've gone to press with their work for a certain comic-con this summer. Productive lot.

Be well, all.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh wow u have a cintiq!?! are they as fabulous as I would imagine?? lucky you! what a sweet illustration :)

11:27 PM

Blogger Chad Kerychuk said...

Very nice. Love to try one of those Cintiq's.

Sad to miss Comic-Con when it sounds like they'll be so many great books coming out.

4:03 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The San Diego con sounds like so much fun! Especially because so many new treats are coming. Speaking of which..."storybook amphibians," eh? Do they accept bottle caps?


12:54 PM

Blogger Ronnie said...

button--These Cintiqs are sweet. Not cheap but the current one is cheaper than the older version, given the size and the great upgrade. No frame well to interfere with your drawing hand. All flat surface, edge to edge. And some command keys on the side to keep your keyboard hand free (some of the time). The best part is the glass surface has this "tooth" to it. Like it was frosted but no decline in clarity.

The pen's stylus feel more "pencil" like than the last version. I did this last book on this thing, entirely.

Chad--Too bad you're not going to Comic-con. A whole slew of artists who happen to be working at Pixar are showing up with books to hawk. Watch this blog for more info in the coming weeks.

Amelia--You made my day. You made a Paper Biscuit 2 reference! Awesome! But the amphibian I am talking about is rather well off and has no use for bottle caps. He likes fast cars. I'll unveil it on this blog before San Diego.

Thanks all.

6:35 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Love it!

9:08 PM


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