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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Colussus Pin-up

The Colossus makeover will not only feature the hefty upgrade of pages and story but will also have a gallery of Mark Andrew's artist peeps who'll each be doing a take on the tragic metal hero. I did mine right down the wire just this Monday night after hours. Done entirely on Photoshop and arrived at only after being inspired all over again by an artist I was rather fixated on back in the eighties, Dave Grove. I used actual media back then and used matt medium to achieve that reductive style of his that he is known for, paperbacks and movie posters which all escapes me at the moment. Here below is illustration I found on the net.

Louie Gonzales did a Colossus pinup as well and he just posted it on his blog. I'll post more when I get them. I hear Bill Presing had done one as well. More later.
All things lo.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Ronnie,

I found this post very interesting as you described the influences in developing this piece. I am just curious. In one bio that I seen, you were an ad agency manager in your previous life. I guess that illustration art still burns in your heart ie. Uesugi-san, Bob Peak, Robert Mcginnis. Would be nice to see more of your illustration work. (Your secret stash).

Take Care. Maybe, I will see you at Sketchcrawl.


6:57 PM

Blogger Chad Kerychuk said...

Holy crap. *gasp*

That's all.

3:50 AM

Anonymous amelia said...

That Colussus pin-up looks awesome! Reminds me of a heavy-duty Iron Giant.

6:54 AM

Blogger Ronnie said...

Charles--Yep, old fascinations die hard. Bernie Fuchs, Bart Forbes, Mark English, Brad Holland... I wanted to be those guys back then. No luck doing any illustrative work as a Creative lead in an international agency. All minutiae and delegating, as well as wrangling with client's tastes or lack thereof. The job was mostly art direction for ads, also know as "whipping boy" no.1. What you manage is risk vs cost. And as anyone who's ever worked can attest being good at risk management is a first class ticket to mediocrity and blandness.

Oh, I wish I had a stash of illustrtation. Maybe I can work on it now.

Chad--How 'you doin'? It was good day to do work that day, I guess. Work for myself anyway.

Amelia--Thanks a bunch. That does look like a certain metal giant, doesn't it? Mark worked ont that movie with Brad, too. No impending missle strike in Mark's book, but the body count in Colossus is Schwarzenegger class.

2:33 PM


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