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Thursday, March 24, 2005

Banff Center this weekend: I'll be giving a talk on Story

From March 24 to 28, 2005, The Banff New Media Institute at The Banff Centre in Alberta, Canada, is hosting a workshop entitled, “Boarding: Stories and Snow”, which will feature several story and storyboard artists from world-class, industry leading studios in film, television, interactive and game development across North America. Participants from across Western Canada will converge at the Banff Centre, Canada’s only multidisciplinary arts environment devoted to professional career development and lifelong learning in the arts.

Dinner with Pixar Story artist, Ronnie del Carmen
Saturday, March 26, 7 p.m.
All tickets $53.50
Banff Centre Dining Room
The Accelerator Program presents a banquet dinner with Ronnie del Carmen, Story Artist and Story Supervisor at Pixar Animation Studios. Join us for a discussion on the feature story process, including a comparison of different artistic approaches, and the role of the story artist.

Banff Center website.

The Banff Centre is a beacon attracting exceptional creators and thinkers from around the world to our powerful, inspiring campus. We are recognized world-wide as an essential destination on the career pathway of highly creative individuals.

The Banff Centre enables both emerging and established individuals to interact within a multidisciplinary and multicultural environment, allowing them to push boundaries, to experiment, to share knowledge, to create and showcase new work, and to develop new ideas and solutions for the present and the future.

The Banff Centre offers a deep, intensive experience for all who come here, developing potential and transforming careers.

I hear it's going to be cold but the location, I'm told, is breathtaking. I won't be snowboarding but will be dutifully sipping coffee and cheering on those who will. Been working hard on a sample story to illustrate my main argument about storyboarding. Sleep optional these days but having a ball.

Looking forward to meeting the good people of Banff and all the attendees. I'll post a post talk report here. So watch this space.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey man, that's so awesome! I wish I could go!
Enjoy the conference - what a great idea, getting story and storyboard artists together to confer...

And, if you're gonna experience the winter that's great place to do it. Have fun!

6:55 AM

Blogger Chad Kerychuk said...

See you there Ronnie!

9:09 PM

Blogger Jodie said...

Banff is the second most beautiful place in the world. Lake Louise (not far from there) is THE most beautiful place. Wish I were going! Enjoy!

11:47 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

ah cant wait for the report...speak on behalf on all those who couldnt go! :)

6:22 AM

Blogger Ronnie said...

Nick--It was a very good conference. Wish you could have gone. And you're right, Banff in the winter time is quite amazing.

Chad--thanks again for linking me to that conference.

Jodie--So, I saw the No.1 and No.2 most beautiful place in the world. Not bad for a weekend trip, eh?

Mr. Anonymous--I hope the report was to your liking. But if you're needing a more thorough pass on that weekend visit http://digitaldreammachine.blogspot.com/

12:00 AM

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