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Monday, February 21, 2005

"There is another."

Watch out! They're everywhere!

Another del Carmen, that is. Random Anomalies is Louie del Carmen's blog. Yep, another del Carmen in the blogosphere and one who works in animation, too--like one wasn't enough to foist on the world. Oh, yeah? Well, I gots news for you, there's actually three of us in animation. Rick del Carmen who's in also in animation is brother number two (Louie is the youngest of the three boys).

And what's an older brother good for if not to promote his kid brother's soapbox. Louie's a veteran of many productions (Invader Zim,Kim Possible,Foster's Home for Imaginary friends...I forget the thorough list) as board artist and, I am not a biased big bro here, he's damned good and funny. Well, he's also the jovial one anyway, me and Rick tended to be less so (though I get the prize for King of Sulk). He has one post there now. He's new at it, so give it a few days. I'd get on the ball if I were you, Barno--He he, big bro needling comes with the deal.

While I'm at it, Rick is the musician/artist and is in a real band (Bluescasters) with legitmate gigs (as in, they get paid). He's also a mainstay in the animation pro circuit doing boards for various productions around town (Sony's Jackie Chan and Disney TV productions which escapes me at the moment). All three play guitar (Rick has twenty some guitars in his home, I think) and we used to have our own language that only the three of us could speak--drove the sisters into incredulous confusion, parents into panic that the boys are either mental or in league with dark spirits. Who can be sure, really. And the funny thing is we all learned to do all this around each other but we never coached each other. Just happened.

Visit Louie's blog and tell him, Ronnie sent you.


Blogger Louie del Carmen said...

thanks for the major plug! It's certainly nice to know that the animation beat will be covered in both californias... Some nice folks have already checked in so I appreciate the endorsement.

If we can only get rick to move to Fresno, we'd have the whole damn state covered!



9:09 PM

Anonymous Elisa said...

Wow Three of you! and all in animation! My name is Elisa Chavarri (my middle name is Del Carmen actually :) and I've been visiting your blog for quite some time now, thought it was about time I let you know how fantastic I think your art is and how much I enjoy your posts. Thanks! I'm off to check your little brother's blog!

9:31 PM

Blogger Sketchboy said...

Very cool to plug your bro's blog. You guys rock in your talents and look forward to reading your thoughts daily.

BTW, don't move to Fresno, try Visalia at best.

10:58 PM

Blogger Ronnie said...

We should just get Rick a blog and post for him, teach him along the way. Blogs are fun but sure do take as much time as drawing. Obviously it's fun, otherwise why add to an already unmanageable work sched? Crazy!

You're gonna be up to yer ears in posting soon, bro. Have fun.


10:47 AM

Blogger Ronnie said...

Elisa--Glad to know you've been visiting. And look! Yet ANOTHER del Carmen! Drawing, too! Good to meet ya. We should hold a convention or sumpin'.

Sketchboy--thanks, Fresno, eh? Must check that out. Maybe there's del Carmens there already and unaware of it.

Thanks, guys.


10:51 AM


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