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Thursday, February 17, 2005

WonderCon! February 18-20

WonderCon 2005. I will be there in a booth with Enrico Casarosa and Bill Presing. What booth number, did you ask? Why, booth 211, that's what! Look for the sign that says, "Smashing Biscuit Mia." Okay, we had to find a way to have one billing, see?. Enrico and I have a second edition of "Fragments" on hand sporting a new french fold on the cover. Same cover image but without the dust jacket this time (frankly, I kinda like this one a little better).

That and our regular fare of books: Paper Biscuit 1, Paper Biscuit 1.5 and last summer's Paper Biscuit 2. Enrico will have all of his Adventures of Mia on hand as well as his "Fragments: Intermezzo." Bill Presing will have his Nazi Smasher books and DVD's. Most of the books debut last summer in San Diego but is now making its first convention appearance in our very own city of San Francisco! Along with that we have T-shirts to sell and maybe an original sketch or two to sell.

Hope to see you there.


Anonymous Jonathan Barlow said...

I'm jealous! I would love to purchase that t-shirt; any plans to make them available anywhere besides the conference?

Also, a quick question - if I own vol. 1 and vol. 2 of Paper Biscuit, what would I be adding with vol 1.5 - does it differ substantially with vol 1?

9:24 PM

Blogger Ronnie said...


Paper Biscuit 1.5 is a small aside about Nina remembering that she made imaginary friends as a little girl. It's a smaller book, physically. 4 1/5" x 6", 48 pages B/W. It's cheaper by half than the full digit books.

It is not part of the continuity of Nina's story.

The t-shirts are only available through me and the conventions. My most popurlar sizes are mostly gone and if you write me after the convention I can tell you what I have left.



10:23 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey, i was just at the wondercon thing, and the perosn i went with is totally obsessed with you, and has been reading this site for like over a year now or somehting, but anyway. i loved paper biscuit one and one point five. i never got a chance to read the second one in the car on the way home. and the art is really amazing. shame i didnt get a chance to meet you, but it would appear emilia did, considering the books were all signed.


8:43 PM

Anonymous Amelia said...

I don't believe it! How do I respond to this? My name is Amelia, Ronnie, and I met you and Enrico at the Wondercon today (it was great!) and this guy, "deb," made fun of me all day because I couldn't wait to meet you and Enrico. I don't even know you, deb; you're my mom's friend's son's friend... Anyway, today my mom's friend's son and I went to classes at the Academy of Art. Deb came with us. On the way home I let him borrow the Paper Biscuit 1 and 1.5, and I guess he really liked them.
Thanks again for your books, Ronnie...I've read them all through and through and loved every page. Good luck in the rest of the con!


9:43 PM

Blogger Ronnie said...

Deb--Glad you liked the books. I am so looking forward to making the third issue but I am swamped. Daily matters accumulate and will not be ignored. Sigh.

Amelia--it was very nice to meet you at our very first WonderCon. We do our books and hope to reach an audience who will respond to it and here you are! It enlivens this lone venture all the more. I hope to finish a third issue by the middle of this year. I'll post its progress right here.

Thanks to you all.


2:37 PM

Blogger Amelia said...

"deb," seriously, leave me alone!
You're such a pomphurus nurf!
Somehow you happened to get a ride from Toby during the peroid when i was in the car; I had hoped I would never have to meet you ever again. Fate is sickening.

I truely cannot wait until the third book comes out! I do hope you enjoy writting it.


12:11 AM


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