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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Temper on that one

Oekaki board drawing program--So, it's drawn online with Cintiq

I really should be working on other stuff that's pressing. But I had to doodle today. Nina's a little testy today. Check how work was today for her here.

You'll just have to pardon that I couldn't stack it from top to bottom. Start with the picture above for the short strip, then scroll up.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It sure is great to see more of Nina.

Any news on her new books?

I noticed that Wonder Con and Ape are coming up soon...I guess Wonder Con more so...APE isn't until April


9:03 AM

Blogger Ronnie said...

I know. I want to draw more of her story but I am so swamped with other stuff. I have an outline for her next issue. I have to put it through its paces before I can even start to draw anything. This was a way of limbering up.

I'm going to be at WonderCon with Enrico and Bill Presing. Booth 211. Come by and say hello if you're able to. I really should make regular post of this.


1:48 PM


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