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Thursday, February 03, 2005

Flight Volume Two

Impressive. Okay, the first Flight book was a runaway success and it's because of the high caliber of work very much evident in the contents. That's easy, you flip through the book and you just have to like it. But I gotta add that the people involved are not only talented but they seem to have their hearts and minds in the right place--they love comics and the opportunity to tell stories. And boy, do they ever pull out the stops for the second one. If these images are any indication this summer's book to have will definitely include Flight Volume Two. Congratulations to all involved.

Check out the images.

Link to CBR article on Flight Volume 2.


Blogger amelia said...

totally adoring your site. i'm linking you!

10:52 PM

Blogger Ronnie said...

Thanks for visiting and linking, Amelia.


11:16 AM

Blogger sthig said...

likewise Ron, thanks for this as it IS a beaut. I've also added it to my new blog


7:40 AM


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