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Monday, January 24, 2005

Paper Biscuit on the brain

Cintiq drawing on Photoshop. Sigh

When the moment is upon you to draw, you draw.

I've learned to recognize the feeling and the only choices left to me are: do I stop everything and just draw? Or let the moment go and be fine with it? Once the moment recedes into time you can't recover it. Even if you have a pretty good idea of what it is, the drawing that would have happened at that very moment would be different from the drawing you try just an hour later or worse a day later.

I've had moments when I drive home and get story ideas, solutions that I really like and rush through the doors of my home and hope that I can keep this mental picture/feeling of what it is and try to jot it down, draw it--but it mostly melts into thin air. Just saying, Hello, honey I'm home! would dislodge it, dropping the bags to run to the computer can dissipate it.

So, when I'm relatively able to draw or write, I do it. Or forever hold my peace. There'll be another time. Just forget it. It'll be better next time.

I hope.


Blogger papercupp said...

Really encouraging to find wiser people actually talking about that,thank u:)

6:03 AM

Blogger Ronnie said...


I'm wiser than some, more clueless than others. And it comes and goes, like it is for most of us. If I can talk to my younger self I would say, "Relax, you are as good as you can be at this point in time and your day is as valid as anyone else's. Now, see what you need to say about that and let that stand."

I would promptly scratch my head if I heard a middle aged artist say that to me, "Whatchoo talking about, Willis?"


Thanks for the response.


11:21 AM

Blogger Diseased Wits said...

It's torture sometimes isn't it? Like, to experience a dream that leads to a concept that slowly evaporates as your mind shifts to a waking state. Oddly, my most creative moments occur when I'm doing the most mundane things. Dishes, cleaning house, or mowing the lawn. There's something about physical labor or movement or something. I feel ya though -and I'm sure you have a very understanding audience in your midst. They probably wouldn't think twice if/when you leap for the nearest surface (sketchpad, napkin, brochure, the back of an envelope) to record your thoughts.

7:26 PM

Blogger Ronnie said...

Diseased wits,

I concur. Driving always does it to me. I used to have one of those voice recorders but I didn't seem to have any ideas to gab about when I had it. Like Michigan J. Frog these ideas will only jump into action when you don't shine the spotlight on it.

Worrying about deadlines always kills things as well. Or at least saps it of a lot of soul. Heck at some point I am happy to have a half-decent result.


11:00 PM

Blogger papercupp said...

And than again, though I didn't get the whole meaning of what ur saying(sorry,still not that good in english),maybe wiser wasn't the right word, I ment it in a good way...uhh,what was I saying,well,reading this helps explaining things to myself and not just giving up when things get lost in time. I'm trying to write it down, since it's more normal to write some notes than sketch surrounded by comlete strangers on the street, at least in that particullar part of the world, I guess...It happens to me usually there,I mean outdoors, but I prefer to go hide and that's when it gets lost. It's a bit different of what ur saying, isn't it?
Shame on me for being a shy artist, oh whaterverr...

4:49 AM

Blogger Ronnie said...

Your English is great, Papercupp. I didn't take your meaning the wrong way, so think about it another minute. I do undestand that at some point we all have to respond to the call to write or draw with whatever means we are able to manage. Write, scribble...I even resort to muttering phrases that I hope will still in my brain for the remainder of my short drive so it survives and I can finally jot it down somewhere.

Thanks for posting. I really appreciate it. I know only one other language besides English and it's not a global one. I'd like to learn how to speak French and Japanese at some point.


11:16 AM


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