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Wednesday, January 12, 2005

A moment to think. January is upon us.

Off and running. It seems that this month is flying by and just while ago it was about watching how the last year was ending. There is much to do and much to be hopeful about inspite of very substantial challenges.

My father has been in the hospital now for a few months and matters are not better. We can only stand by and let him know that we're there. I myself have a healthy dose of catholic guilt about being all the way up in SF and he's in a hospital in Tarzana deep in L.A. My brothers and sisters have been very vigilant and keep me abreast of the situation. We will drive down to see him this weekend.

Life and work goes on, though it's difficult to function with an eye to the phone and you don't really want it ring. There's much to draw and write as well as resolutions to maintain.

There are still a couple of posts about the Japan trip to do as well as images from the sketchbook. Enrico and I have met about our plans for conventions and books for the first half of this year and it looks like another challenging one. We will be at WonderCon this year so watch out for the post on that as it comes near.

If any of you are planning to book a hotel for San Diego for the summer's convention, you might want to head over that site. Most of the popular hotels that used to have rooms this early have sold out within the hour of opening its travel site. Whew! I had to settle for a hotel farther away and smaller accomodations. This thing is getting out of hand.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Ronnie, I've heard of WonderCon but never gone(oh dear-a rhyme?)...what's it like? Is it a Bay Area ComicCon, sort-of, or has it a different vibe? What will I find if I go? Toys? Books?

The rains down here were horrible-lots of damage, slides, etc. as you saw, no doubt. Work at my particular factory is a dream, lots of fun(and my favourite thing of all--all the other artists-esp. the added bonus of working with so many of our EU brothers & sisters. Is there much of an international mix at Pixar? Shall I ever visit there? I think of many colleagues, esp. Pidgeon. Perhaps I really should make the hop up to this Con-I'd probably see a lot of long-lost folks, wouldn't I? ~Jenny

11:47 AM

Blogger Ronnie said...

Jenny, thanks for posting. WondeCon was a neat alternative to the San Diego Comic-con, that is, colder climed northern California and in the middle of Oakland, plus I believe it was also know as ProCon, where pros can gather and wander amongst their milieu and be more in a communing mode than selling. It's moved from Oakland to the city in the Moscone center on Howard St., an impressive convention facility and situated very well among the best foot traffic-heavy areas around Fourth and Mission--though it's yet to prove to be a thriving move. And that's why I say it "was a neat alternative" to the Comic-con--it has yet to really take off in the new venue. I myself have nostalgia for when it was in the middle of Oakland, it seemed that more of its audience came by. It's an unqualified impression and likely unfair. I want this con to succeed because I think the location has everything going for it. And I'm putting my money where my mouth is by being an exhibitor there this year.

See my post about my visit last year here:http://www.ronniedelcarmen.com/blog1/2004/05/annual-bruce-timm-norcal-meet.html

It doesn't have as much to offer as a Comic-con--and why even try--but has a little of everything you might expect in a mass market con. I say that if you couple your visit with a tour of San Francisco you won't be disappointed.

But if you're looking for more "off the beaten path" kinda stuff then you might hold off visiting till APE, which is the independed comics convention. Regardless of which you choose you will likely find us there since we're local. No hotel expenses.

I got a taste of what Southern Cal went through in the recent rains. We drove down the five to see my dad in the hospital and was stuck near Templin Hwy for 2 1/5 hours creeping along for miles. Sheesh.


4:05 PM


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