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Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Sketchcrawl on November 21--it's gone global.

Getting the lead out. On your marks, gentlemen. Sunday, November 21 (or every third Sunday of November) is now and forever going to be "Sketchcrawl" Sunday. So, say we all. "All who?" You ask? These people.

Why "Sketchcrawl?" Well, my pal and partner in self-publishing crime, Enrico Casarosa and I have this predilection to drawing our immediate environment into sketchbooks (we are also in the habit of stocking up on sketchbooks when in the vicinity of an art store because you'll never know when you'll find that you've just jotted down on the very last page of the book and not another one is on hand to start. Catastrophe).

Also, one day, our pal Nate Stanton was to have a his last bachelor night out last year and we all got together to do a "Pub Crawl." A drinking pilgrimage that had us hitting pre-determined bars to end up at the bar closest to the water in the city. We didn't get that far but we certainly were so many sheets to the wind on that rainy night that a literal crawl would be inevitable. Anyway, it was a memorable night--Nate tells me that one point I had hopped on top of a dumpster and started declaiming. I don't have any memory of this but he says that he has photos to incriminate...er, substantiate this wild claim.

So, that's how Enrico came to coin the phrase, "Sketchcrawl." You just replace the drinking and inebriated high-jinx with a small watercolor set, sketchbook and add interesting neighborhood. Draw liberally and, Viola! Images to show for about that weekend and memories seared into your psyche even better than photographs could muster.

Check out the various cities from all over the world who've caught the bug and will have members in their vicinity drawing and posting their sketches. It's really taken off. Leave it to Enrico to start a small revolution. He just doesn't know what to do with himself. Actually, he will be doing his crawl while in Japan. I will be here in SF that Sunday doing the same. But on the first weekend of December I will join our stalwart Italian artist/globetrotter in and about Shinjuku and maybe do a joint crawl there as well.


Sketchcrawl international Forum

Enrico Casarosa

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Blogger ziroNU said...

^^ I've read Mr. Casarosa's first post about it, and I was very interested. I will definitely participate in the first International Sketchcrawl, along with my drawing buddies. ^^ I hope you will find the time to participate too, and maybe even post up your drawings online somewhere! Also, I agree - this may indeed be a small revolution. I hope everyone will have as much fun sketchcrawling as I plan to have with my friends!

11:27 PM

Blogger Ronnie said...


Where are you posting from? I hope to you and your group's work on the Sketchcrawl forum. I will be posting what I have wrought that day on this blog and on the forums. See you there and have a great time.


10:38 AM

Blogger ziroNU said...

Mm.. I'm posting from Cypress, California. It's a small city around the areas of Long Beach and Buena Park, which might be more familiar to you.. ^^;;

11:09 PM


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