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Tuesday, November 02, 2004


Every four years someone's going to hear from me. And I am so glad to have that opportunity today. Just plain, garden variety speaking out by checking a box to let the world know what you want. The ones who would tinker with this election or try to mangle the outcome will still have to do something to erase my vote. That's full knowlege tampering that someone will have to do and live with for the rest of their days on this planet. And to those people I say, I hope you have a friend in your local drug store who can supply you with prescription sleep aids. And if you are not bothered in the least, I know that you'll be comfortable with even more elaborate black deeds and you'll make a mistake someday. I'll be reading about it, waking to my morning coffee after a good night's sleep and watch your world crumble around you.

Comeupance is a bitch.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You're an idealist, too. I wish the world worked that way, but alas, justice is often something we only see in the movies. You can't possibly think that the likes of Dick Cheney will ever feel remorse about anything, or that the Bush's, after packing the courts with their own henchmen judges, will ever be held to account for the many crimes they've committed. But it is for artists to dream, and from our dreams, create new worlds. May the brightest of them come to pass.


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