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Sunday, August 29, 2004

Geweldenaren Van Ver' (Tyrants from afar)

Geweldenaren Van Ver' is a short CG film created by House Of Secrets, Maniacs Of Noise and Soulbase. Created in two and half weeks as an entry to the 'Rocketclip festival' part of the 'Amsterdam Fantastic Film Festival' held annually in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. This is a spirited sample of what the movie marketplace may be in store for in the coming years.

As a formidable studio head honcho is fond of saying,"If it was easy then everybody would be doing it," referring to how difficult it is to make animated features. In these days of the computer generated anything/everything movie frontier it still isn't easy...but it sure looks like everyone's doing it anyway.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Ronnie,

Where do you all these eclectic websites? (Frank Animated, Crows, Helvetica vs Arial) It appears that there is independent film spirit stirring inside of you. When you look at your artwork, you should design women's fashion. When you look at your choice of websites, I can see you eventually directing a film in the Jim Jarmusch (Stranger in Paradise, Mystery Train) genre.


Geweldenaren starts off like a Wallace and Gromit scene which quickly turns into Sky Captain and World of Tommorow.


10:22 PM

Blogger Dean Trippe said...

Cool short! I was a little distracted by the amazing titles, though. Hard to say if thats a plus or a minus.

11:44 PM


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