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Sunday, August 29, 2004

Who died and made you Art Director? Me, that's who.

Western State No #4. How is this done, traditionally? I should have come from the right school, right? Or know more about it before I take this on, right? Or maybe we should hire someone who knows all this? Right?

None of these questions occur to Jason Gnewikow at all. Jason was a guitarist in a band, The Promise Ring, one of the most popular emo bands of the '90s. They needed to make a cover for their demo. So, he did it. He had no idea of how to approach a design project and, yes, like most of us he was unschooled in the land of graphic design. There be Bliss and he followed same. He figured it out himself, "The elements of design—they’re available for anyone who cares to pay attention to it."

Western State is an ongoing series of documentaries. Each examines an artist who approaches his work in a non-traditional way. The artists featured are difficult to categorize. Technology and media foster a rich, multidisciplinary approach. Western State, describes this culture of creativity through personal and engaging profiles of many of its leading practitioners.

The other Western State Documentaries, all excellent and inspiring voices in the distance: Andy Mueller, Cory McAbee, Geof McFetridge.

My soap box: What fascinates me about stories like Jason’s is how it proves time and again how the established industries don’t have a lock on making things or making things happen. Being a self-publisher, I give myself the job of making my own way. There may be an established way of doing this—and they are there on the bookshelves, movie bins, CD and magazine racks to speak for themselves—but since we're all here on this planet to follow our own journies it shouldn't make sense to wait for permission or someone else to deem you worthy.



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Blogger Dean Trippe said...

I like anything directed by someone with a name like "slowtron."

Cool show, thanks for the link.

8:48 PM

Blogger Ronnie said...

Dean--Yep, nice moniker, it is. I'm wondering about using one for an eventual pen name. Suggestions are welcome.

10:58 PM

Blogger Whitney said...

Hello! If your interested in art....LOL! Which it looks like you are please visit my art site at http://Whitneysdrawings.blogspot.com

3:56 PM

Blogger Jing! said...

Hey Ronnie, I was just googling Jason to show Mark some of his design work and your blog popped up! Small world! Just saw his band Promise Ring last night - such an awesome show and the band merch Jason designed was so good! Hope all is well! xo, Jing

10:05 AM


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