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Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Mom, can I send for this? It's only a dollar!

"NO TALENT!" I especially like the line about the drawing guage "...like an Artist..." Long after you've read the comic book cover to cover there's just the ads to finally read the fine copy on and see what it's about. And if you never did back when then here's your chance to finally lift that veil of mystery.

Link Via Boing Boing/Cory Doctorow


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hah. I think that I bought one when I was a kid. Interestingly, contemporary artist, David Hockney wrote a book that old classic masters like Da Vinci probably used similar devices and techniques.



6:35 PM

Blogger Ronnie said...

Yo, Charles. I hope you got a gander at those posters and banners, man. Sweet, eh?

And as for old masters using these Lucy type devices, I guess any which way to speed the process up of trying to please patrons with an exact likeness goes.

I hated drawing people's pencil portraits. I would get asked when I was a teen and all they want is a pencil copy of a black and white photograph. An exact copy. What's the point? I still remember some "artists" set up at a mall where he (always male) can be viewed drawing the photograph clipped to the illustration board. Many would gawk at how good he was at copying that picture.

And I did do a couple for relatives in exchange for a few bills and I eyeballed it. No graphs, no projections. Tortuous, it was. I sure would have used this device if I had it on hand. I could have bought me a few farfaits at the local ice cream shop.


8:57 PM


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