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Monday, July 12, 2004

Miyazaki-Moebius.com! Man, oh, man!!

I am fit to be tied. This is just the kind of Elseworlds event that had to happen in my universe but it might as well be in an alternate one. Okay, that's
overly dramatic...but it is well outside of my reach. AND I can't speak a lick of French. The headline is a link to the site.

I just hope this somehow manages to come around to the U.S.--preferrably the westcoast, since I'm wishing.

Look at those big grins. Love these two. Oh, to grow old as gracefully as they've managed to.



(Translation post c/o Tonin from the Sketchbooksessions/shanesboard)

Miyazaki-Moebius Expo takes place in France from 15 November 2004 to 9 March 2005. Website (in French).

Translation by Karl Loeffler (thanks!)


Two major artists unveil their collection of personal drawings to the world for the first time.

Moebius and Miyazaki well soon come together to exhibit more than 300 works.

Traditionally, artists have trained themselves by travelling; the free exchange of ideas has always been an important creative resource. Moebius is French, Hayao Miyazaki is Japanese. These two world-builders each have their own field of expression, and their highly individual visions have influenced animation and comic book artists the world over. The path they have beaten for future generations is clear.

Two cultures, two styles, one soul.

Although separated by thousands of kilometers and radically different cultures, the artists mutually discovered each other’s works before even meeting. Their two bodies of work, although quite different in reality, have each evolved from a common spirit. Both Moebius and Miyazaki push the boundaries of story, character, art, and the technical aspects of animation.

An exhibit that can be read at many levels and that will enchant young and old alike.

Incidently, Moebius' daughter is named Nausicaa.


Blogger Daniel said...

oh wow. Jean Gir is looking old. he lived in Venice, CA, didn't he?

7:22 PM

Blogger Ronnie said...

I read somewhere that he did live in Venice at one time. I once went to a residence of his in the Woodland hills in So. Cal., if I remember correctly; sometime in the early nineties, on the invite of my friend, Sylvain Despretz. We had a barbecue there. Moebius was away on business back in France. I was walking very carefully around the house as if I was in Catholic school again around the church buildings. I stood with both my hands to my side as I looked at the art on the walls and saw his work table. I could not believe that I was standing over where he would be working. All the pencils and pens, like reliquaries of a time travelling master of the open line.

I met Moebius previous to this at a San Diego Con as I tagged along with the same friend and we had sushi. I was nervous and tongue-tied. I blurted out a question, I winced inside as soon as the words left my mouth, "What kind of quill pens do you use to ink with?" He was kindly and didn't wait to answer the question, this after a tiring day at the convention.

"I use whatever...pens, felt pens...whatever was within reach."

I'm still trying to live that one down.

9:51 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Moebius is a great artist as well as down to Earth. I met him back in 96' at San Diego Con. He brought his wife and his daughter Helene who is another inspiring animation artist. I hung out with his daughter and Japanese underground Manga artists helping out with the communication. Moebius mentioned to me that he named his other daughter Nausicaa. He did a beautiful sketch of Silver Surfer for me. He is amazing. Simply pen to paper. Check out Lowry gallery under C. Kiyasu
http://www.comicartmuseum.org/comicart/cal-faq.asp It is interesting that you mention Sylvain. I bought Sylvain production concept drawing from his work in Black Hawk down. As for Miyazaki-Moebius.com, I will have my French friend French translate it.

Thanks for sharing your experience with the masters.
Take Care.


10:52 PM

Blogger Ronnie said...

Helene grew up to be a beautiful young lady last I saw her at her Dad's gallery opening for that saucy series of his, I forget the name of it, in L.A..

Yep, Sylvain and I met at Continuity West. He encouraged me to find other places of employ and gave me all sorts of clues and advice on how to go about the business of being an artist in town. Really owe him a great dose of sanity in my early days of finding work. There were too many who were quick to give advice but had ulterior motives. Sylvain is good people and a tremendous talent.

I used to study the Moebius crosshatching and got really comfortable with it. I didn't pursue it any further and branched out to other things but Moebius still holds a grand perch in my personal pantheon of great influences.

12:06 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ah, yes, Moebius! One of the great masters of the line (not to mention the dot).

Here's an idea: if you want to translate that Miyazaki-Moebius.com and don't mind reading a clunky machine version, then just go to altavista.com, click on the translation link (bottom left) and cut and paste the web page that you want translated into the appropriate place.

Anyway, hope this can help you out.


1:29 AM


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