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Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Updates June.08.04

Paper Biscuit #2 is at Westcan Printing Group and has gone through one proof stage already. My ability to see typos and glitches diminishes relative to how long I've been working on the pages. I saw a cluster of mistakes that just swam past me on the computer but there it is, stark staring at you in the blue line, a testament to change blindness (see post in the archives about gorilla suits and a basketball game). There will be other proofs on color adjustments for the cover and page alignments. I hope to get them this week and give them the "go" signal by week's end. Sigh. Making your own books is a minefield of minutiae to sniff out and adjust and I'm naturally lazy at that.

I made my own font at Fontifier when it offered their site's services for free. It has since closed that window of free trials and now charges $9 to download the font you make. Very reasonable still, I think. So, I'm using my own type, Delcarmen, on this book--for better or worse (I do have problems with my font when Photoshop won't recognize one punctuation mark and updates the text layer with a question mark instead. Nerve wracking). The book is also finished without the inking stage, that is, I used my pencils as finished line. Very different from the first book but similar to Paper Biscuit 1.5's images. It is the most involved work I've done for this book and one would think that it's also easier since I've cut out a whole step. That's a maybe. I saved some time but gained the added worry of stray pencil lines and specks here and there. Oh, and I forgot to mention that it is forty pages of all story--no editorial page or sketches section.

Chris Young and David Fraser at Westcan have been very accomodating and do go out of their way to make sure you understand that they value your project. I used Adobe In Design (thanks to Enrico) for the first time and David walked me through the steps--better than a tutorial--so I can deliver the pages with the utmost control. I'm a novice at all this so it took several tries. It got through without a major hitch. Old dogs, see.

The website desperately needs revamping and I do need a store page. You'll notice that there is no link whatsoever to buying the books. That's intentional and hopelfully will be resolved before the San Diego Comic-con comes around. I am not able to get on top of the book orders given the amount of work the day job is demanding of me. Add on top of that making these books and prepping for the con--then you have one frazzled artist.


Did a weekend workshop. Judith Weston's Acting for Directors Workshop. This lady started the first day with a gentle promise that by the end of the three days you will be transformed. I must admit that I took that to mean that any three days you dedicate to doing something will change you in some way. Nothing cosmic or anything. But by the end of Sunday I can say that cosmic comes very close. And whatever I may have learned as tools to use in navigating a director/actor relationship paled in comparison to what I got out of it as self-realization. Can't explain it without sounding like a crazed zealot but I seem to be able to literally see things better after this weekend. I just hope this state lasts a while. So, surprise surprise! Here's my endorsement: If you are able to and you are in Da Business anyway, this is something you should do.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Very exciting Ronnie, I'm really looking forward to this book as well as Fragments 2.

John Hoffman

9:21 AM

Blogger Ronnie said...

Thanks, John. I hope you like the second issue of Paper Bicuit. And as for Fragments 2, well, my half of it is coming out later this year. But the good news is that Enrico's half is a killer one! You are in for a treat.


11:44 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Ronnie,
Glad to hear Paper Biscuit #2 is on the way. I'm looking forward to that! Even better is that you're doing it PB 1.5 pencils-as-inks style. As much as I loved the inked art in PB 1, I liked the feel of the art in PB 1.5 more. Pencils, when done right, always seem more, I don't know, alive, spontaneous.
Just a thought, I'm too critical for my own good; so, I'm pretty darn good at spotting mistakes. I know you barely know me (you may have seen my posts as 'atomicpanda' on the Sketchbook Sessions board and we met once or twice at San Diego Comic-Con), but if you ever want me to give your work a once over before it goes to press I'd be glad to. I do this for several other artists I know.
Also, I'm very good at keeping things to myself. No one else would see anything you'd have me check.
Like I said, it's just a thought. I really enjoy your work. So, I wouldn't mind helping you out a bit if you want.
Anyway, can't wait to see the latest Paper Biscuit!
--Eddie Perkins

1:34 PM

Blogger Ronnie said...


Thanks for that offer. I'm more than a little shy about showing the work before it prints. Bill Pressing had seen the mock-up on my desk a month back and wanted a peek and I demured, "You'll mess up its chi." The book is always in a precarious state--or more accurately, I am. Being the sole ruler of this book I can drive myself crazy since I can change almost anything about it given the right amount of anxiety. I find that by the time I've finished a book I am really over it and would entertain thoughts of making a better statement, you know--and in fact, I may not have to print this at all...a very dangerous lunacy phase.

All that was to say that I probably should give myself a break and have the proof stage done by someone else but it may take some psychology and a sturdy, kevlar coated story in the book. So, feel free to nudge me when you hear me putting another book together.

2:27 PM

Blogger Karen said...

Thanks for sharing the info about your printing and fontmaking. Not sure yet if I'll have another comic book done in time for SDCC, but I am looking forward to yours. :)

10:28 AM

Blogger Ronnie said...


I understand about that deadline. This one was in the works for a while and I was in pretty deep with it last year when I scrapped it and started all over. It all can spiral up or down at a moment's notice. Even without a book at the con it would still be great to see you. In fact we hope to see all our con buddies there again this year. Like an annual reunion.

Just a little over a month away and ticking...


12:21 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Msg from Justin aka baldpenguin--

Very much looking forward to what you and Enrico have to offer at the Con this year. Since I was stupid and didn't sign up for a Comic Con pass this year, I hope you guys will be offering online purchases, in case I'm unable to make it into the Convention.

10:46 PM

Blogger Ronnie said...


Are talking about the pro-registration? You can, with a good book or CD to keep you company at the line, get that there on site. Anyway, hope you can make it anyway and if not just bug me about the books. It may take me a while to get my selling interface on this site going.


9:14 AM


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