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Tuesday, May 11, 2004

McDonalds locks up phrase, "I am Asian" (TM). Or six degrees of burger patties.

How this elbow joint of far-fetched reasoning was ever arrived at is astounding. McDonalds seems to be declaring on behalf of Asians and Pacific Islanders (please let us not forget these distinctions lest we confuse everybody) how asian it is to eat their fast-food burgers? AND going out of their way to patent the phrase means that you may be in trouble if you make this declaration without it somehow being in the service of the Ol' Mickey D.

We're Asian and Pacific Islander Americans "living on the rim," where our diverse cultures and the everyday American lifestyle become one. We're hanging on to our great traditions while we move to the beat of the times. We honor our heritage - but we love being Americans. From high fashion to high tech, from Asian Pacific American hip hop to haute cuisine, we're weaving the threads of our culture into the fabric of everyday American life. Whether we're sipping green tea or enjoying a Big MacĀ® sandwich, we're helping make the magic mix called America become even richer. And McDonald's is right there with us, everyday!

There may be nothing wrong about all this other than being in poor taste. Rather fitting for a corporation pushing food.

Found through Xeni Jardin/Modesty Verve


Blogger charles kiyasu said...

There has been recent studies linking the high rise of onset Type II diabetes and obesity in Asia with fast food chains. Sometimes, I believe that there is no difference between smoking and fast food as well as marketing campaign.

5:19 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

definitely to be filed in the "what were they thinking?" department


3:27 AM

Blogger Eddie Perkins said...

Yuck. That quote from them is just disgusting. It just reeks of corporate and was probably written by some one on the East Coast. McDonald's really has no clue.

5:25 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, don't blame that crap on the East Coast. It's got West Coast written all over it.

5:45 PM

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