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Thursday, April 01, 2004

Nina Echoes. Some of you might already find this old hat but for me it's still quite the novelty and gives me the delight giggles--you know, the unflattering kind that could ostracize you from cocktail parties. I've been very flattered recently to have had Nina be the subject of what Rick Cortez prophezised as a "ridiculously long" thread at the Sketchbooksessions/shanesboard message board. Rayl started the thread, generously enough, and everyone came by and dropped off a drawing. I said it many times in that thread and I say it again, it certainly warms the heart. That board has been the home where Paper Biscuit tends to hang out and gets a slingshot shove into the world and I am eternally grateful to the community for the show of support. The other magnificent thing is the art. Oh...my...GOD. Amazing work that the community at large comes by to visit to the tune of thousands of viewings (another chuckle of appreaciation there) and the best part is that they all came for the Nina drawings. I would post the drawings on this here blog but I want to make sure that that gallery be housed where it should be--right where it is. It does me a great honor to have them there. My thanks to all who came by to view and heaping loads of gratitude for all the great art posted.

And as if that weren't enough... I found the above drawings from OK-BBs boards coming from Japan. Now, see, Paper Biscuit is really a private print run (compared to what the majors print and distribute it barely qualifies even for that) for the one event of the San Diego Comic-con and subsequently sold through Stuart Ng's, Meltdown, Kinokuniya and Pendragon books as well as this website. Not a very big organization, Paper Biscuit Industries is a one-man operation that chugs alongside that of Enrico's endeavors since we recognize that having company in this marathon gets better results, like actually finishing the books and getting them sold for instance. So, when I uncover these drawings of Nina from another country (Where Otomo Akitsuka's website holds a page for Paper Biscuit) I am particularly amazed that there are others beyond our community who are drawing our favorite dreamgirl in black. I can't read Japanese but it appears that Nina has made an impression with our counterparts over there in the Land of the Rising Sun. Chuckle me, giggle giggle...sigh. And since it is kinda out of the ways I decided to create the above collage from the images I've seen.

(I posted a reply to one drawing post of Nina and the author responded (in Japanese) by making sure it wasn't an April Fool's prank--someone posting as me. I reassured him--alas, only in English--that it is indeed the father of Nina himself (beam) but then I wonder, "Well, heck, how can you really be sure out there in the wild and wacky internet?" I'm thinking that this post above should add to my athenticity, eh?)


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