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Thursday, March 11, 2004

Photoshop 7 Single espresso, foam only.

Gates and Guages What is wrong with us that we want to have a caste system come about when a group congregates long enough? Freedom to choose? Biological imperatives of natural selection? Value systems for optimal success? The facile and the beautiful get more options and no one argues those facts. Nothing has been crossed that we don't understand in our being. We all get the same twenty-four hours to do what we will. But what value code are we living off of when a superiority of any sort is tied to self esteem--or worse, a justified mode of living? Being picked for basketball should feel good and no apologies. Not being picked will sting, no apologies asked. But when high priests now have to elect themselves and create filters and mark gates for the hopefuls to gauge themselves against--well, now we have a high order of the imperious, those that can make pronouncements of suitability. I hope they find an island of like minded people so I can visit to see how they've stratified themselves to mark their distinction from each other.

...and further more... Why is it that every cycle or so, some grander-than-thou, upwardly mobile, high-octane over self-achiever comes about and suggests ways to toughen up those deemed less evolved because it's "the only way they'll learn"? I swear, you can bet good money on it that this suggestion rears its superior DNA and wags it in everyone's face once a year at least. As if there are those who arrive on the scene without making student tentative steps and that it is their job to guard against their kind who will water down the quality of their presence with these newbie attempts at belonging. Ach! Why not ask for people to be branded while you're at it? And this isn't a job. You're not at work.

Sigh. Okay, on the obverse side. Most social transactions have preferences and bias, no one is spared--on either side. Our communities are known by what we value. Or better yet, we are how we behave. Elitism is a word we know enough not to promote, let alone legislate. It is probably enough to aspire to be better and let that speak about us.