I watched a lot of cartoons and movies. I draw incessantly and carry a sketchbook everywhere. I work in animation and self-publish my books. There are monsters in the streets, don't wear red. Mad bulls and monsters hate that color. I still watch cartoons.

Friday, May 07, 2004

Pidgeon Stuff. One man story army Jeff Pidgeon once put Japanese Arachnid Superhero as a limited edition t-shirt. And that was the problem right there. It was limited. I personally witness many a casual encounter that starts with, "Hey, Jeff! Do you have anymore of that Spider guy shirts?" Jeff had to say that alas it was a product of the moment. There was sadness and it knew no relief. But no more! Follow this link and you'll find said Spider guy along with other Pidgeon goodies unearthed from his vaults slapped on a myriad of products . My personal faves are the Three Beavers. Just because they are eager and handilly colorful to match any mood.

Boys and Girls from Brazil.

These guys sent me a link to their blog and it was refreshing to see drawing after drawing of what looks like fun about poking fun. Marcelo Braga, I'm guessing, is the lead man in Diburros, a two-month old studio (archives reveal nice office digs) of a group of illustrators making a go of it in Brazil and while they make their deadlines or killing time they kid around by doing gag cartoons for and to each other (mostly in Portuguese I'm guessing but a funny drawing is funny everywhere).

Master Baker. Jamie hates it when I call him that out loud at the studio. Anyway, I swear I'm not just shilling for friends who've got online stores...actually, I am but I am genuinely very happy to because, well, their good guys who make me laugh with their drawings. Jamie is that and the most even tempered artist I know. He can give you the other side of any argument (even evil can have extenuating circumstances) and you lose your taste for bile. His drawings are fun and carefree even better if its on a bag or a mug to make sure you don't get glum. Nerve Bomb Store