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Thursday, July 01, 2004

Go Places and Draw them

I have sketchbooks in a safety deposit box in a bank in my community. Okay, that's a little disclosure of bizzare item # 23 from me. It is my laboratory, those books. They keep odds and ends of papers, tickets, string...flotsam. I happen to like keeping them in the pages as I found them, when I found them. Journal and drawing entries are made as you'd expect. Some of those scribbles wind up in the printed books.

I just found this site while trolling (Boing Boing>March Design). I just skimmed a few pages. I will delve into it at snack times (which can be often). I always like finding people who are as hooked on making sketchbooks as I am and, if you're not, turning you into one of us. Although, I wish I traveled as much as this guy, Enrique Flores (man, those entries are so amazing and relaxed!). The inside of studios may not be as exotic. Hmmm...now that I write this, that may not be so cracked an idea.


Blogger John Grillo said...

I have kept travel Journals for the past two years, during trips to Japan and India. They're great mementos of my studies there and without a doubt, have more feeling and emotion than the research papers I composed. I love art journaling! One of the best parts is making your own journal from scratch - starting with paper and waxed string. I've only ever scanned one of my art journal entries (one page from my Japan Journal 2002-2003). I composed it with acrylic paints, pens, and a few clippings from a Starbucks flyer. Here's the Image. I think it's safe to say that I'm hooked on art journaling :)

8:50 AM

Blogger Ronnie said...

That's a really fun page. Thanks for that link. Glad hear from you and to know that you're as hooked on this as I am. Makes me think that we should all post journal pages on our blogs every now and then. I saw that gallery on your message board. Great stuff. Saw a few of Rodolphe's girls. I'll have to grab a few images from there, you know.


11:44 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ronnie: I´m glad you like the sketchbooks. Have you got yours online? Enrique

6:47 PM


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