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Friday, June 25, 2004

2D Expo

Driving down to Glendale, ye olde stomping grounds, to participate and mingle at the Asifa Hollywood's 2D Expo tomorrow, Saturday June 26, 2004 at Woodbury University. Jim Capobianco has this short, Leonardo, burning a hole in his proverbial hand-drawn animation pocket for a while now and since it's mostly all animated and headed to the minutiae of finishing the movie we decided it would be good to be amongst those who're trying to tough it out on this quiet road (more quiet than before) of pencil drawn animation. I'm doing some art direction help on it as well as on-site kibitzer.

An excellent post at Cartoon Brew that I'm replicating here that is relevant to those of us who cling to the dream of making our own movies, short or feature: First, a SURVEY by Chris Robinson that asks independent animators a simple, yet crucial, question: "Where do you find the money to finance your films?" Next is an ARTICLE by Deanna Morse, who was on the selection committee of this year's recently concluded Zagreb Animafest. She shares her experience of having to go through 1,500 entries in two weeks to come up with the 245 films which screened at the festival. One of the most interesting parts of the piece is where Deanna highlights "common tendencies" in the festival entries and creates a list of the recurring themes and characters in the short films that she saw.


Blogger Leticia said...

Hi Ronnie!! Three months ago I posted a comment in your blog saying how nice your work was. And after this time, my opnion is still the same!! You ROCK!! I'm an animation student in Fine Arts in Brazil. My webpage is
I have another one in blogspot that is still under construction....and other one www.eletrostatica.blogger.com.br (I think you have visisted this one...)OK..I'm a bloggirl!!

4:40 PM

Blogger Ronnie said...

I'm glad you still like the work. Thanks for visiting and posting. I'll have to visit your sites every now and then and see what you're up to.


5:46 PM


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