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Wednesday, July 07, 2004

A drawing to close the day

(Illustration done on Oekaki board)

I've been lost in the swirl of production deadlines, here at work and other projects outside. I need to limber up and get to a good place of drawing again. Paper Biscuit #2 is about to ship to me, maybe in the next week and I just got the second printing of Paper Biscuit 1.5. The days leading the SD con are flying past me and I've got a million things to do before I get to just drive down there.

We got a booth this year and wouldn't you know it that we're right smack dab in the middle of everything on fursligginer Main St. I know, I know...it's a good thing. I'm wary of the fact that all the majors are there selling in that torrent of the masses while we hawk our independent wares at prices aimed at our niche audience. Paranoid? You betcha.

Of course I can see the opportunity this is and maybe it will be the best year yet. I hope that we can keep our audience and maybe grow new ones. All that are wolves far afield. Must tend to immediate and the now -- I will answer an online interview and get to some comic pages. And of course the most pressing thing to do before all that is post on my blog, right?

My procrastination style knows no bounds.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your wife and daughter must drag you to the same women boutiques as my wife as she has the same type of outfit in the above image. Charlotte Russe, Forever 21.

I have great muscle tone in my arms in lugging those shopping bags as well as wrist muscle strength in swiping my credit card. Sigh.

Oh Well, she has the shoes, clothes, etc. I have my art collection and DVDs. Speaking of DVDs, going to pick up Batman Animated Series Vol 1 to check out some of the episodes that you boarded.



7:55 PM

Blogger Ronnie said...

The shopping is now done without me since my daughter can accompany my wife. My son is also into his shopping so they all tend to do this without me. I am left at a coffee shop to draw or write. Hours later they collect me and I can see the acquisitions. See? There is that to look forward to, Charles.

I should collect the rather "fashion" illustration so I can send them out to get those jobs--when I retire from animation.

You're right, I gotta get those DVD's I have those shows on tape, with the commercials even. Now, I can have a rock solid copy.

Thanks for the post!

10:46 PM


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