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Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Paper Biscuit #2

A Second Full Issue. Here it is. Full color cover, forty interior pages, natural color pages, B/W art with a touch of warm grays. I had mock-ups that showed that the line work was going to work but I held my breath for a while. I’m glad to breathe that sigh of relief now. It looks gorgeous, if I do say so myself.

Forty pages of story book, no production sketch section, no editorial thank-you’s and background on the story. Just story. After the launch of the first issue I had wanted to tackle a way to really set this story up without rushing it (one would think that forty pages would be more than enough). I hope you all like it when you see it. Although I’m all anxiety right now. Not about waiting for the day I can set it in front of people at the SD con. No. Just the plain WAITING!!! Them furshlugginer books AIN’T HERE YET!!!

Westcan had the books bound and set in motion to deliver the books to me last Friday. It’s in a truck right now. Heading south from Canada. It will take the whole week to get here! It’s scheduled to arrive this coming Friday. I had such a lead time on this thing and now I’m on pins and needles waiting for the books, which are already done, to get here on the last work day before I’m to take my trip down south!

Easy…easy…calming down. There are fallback positions to take and all will be handled. The books will get there no matter what. It’s just that I had hoped to have this time to do other things rather than worry about the delivery of those books. Sheesh.

Anyway…Enrico and I are frantically preparing our offerings for this year. Have a listen. First, Enrico has his half of Fragments to show, Intermezzo—it is so good, you all will want to buy two. Check it out on his website, he has pictures. Then, a return engagement of the Art of Mia. But last and most certainly not least, a second, all new issue of Adventures of Mia! How about them apples!

As for me, I’ve got the aforementioned Paper Biscuit #2 making it's debut--get a couple, honest to God stories I've heard of friends appropriating the one copy. Next, after selling out at last year's SD Comic-con I had a year of saying that I may reprint it at a later date. Well, it's here now, a second printing of the small book that can, Paper Biscuit # 1.5. I hope to see all of you who couldn't get a copy last year, 'hear? And finally, where would I be without the one that started it all, straight from Japan, the ever durable Paper Biscuit #1. Had enough? We also have last year’s darling of an art book, Fragments by yours truly and Enrico.

Okay, we went all out and got ourselves a booth. Check us out in booth No. 1422. There we’re going to have t-shirts--Mia t-shirts, Haiku t-shirts, Nina t-shirts, Peg t-shirts in a variety of colors and sizes.

And as if that wasn’t enough, we also have a limited edition, hand stomped by the aritsts themselves…Pin-back Buttons! A varied collection of buttons from both Enrico and I to collect and treasure forever—we won’t be making them again after this year and we only made a limited quantity. Get them while they last, seriously.

So, it seems that this year is going to be the year to beat. We look forward to seeing you all. In the meantime I’m taking a walk around the block to get my circulation in check. See you in San Diego!


Blogger Uloo said...

Such clean and pleasing design to all your items, sir. If only I could capture a few of those buttons, they're so fun! I wish you occasional moments of solace before your southerly trip.

Your fan, JMc

9:53 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

From Justin aka baldpenguin

The new book looks awesome! 'nuff said

10:38 AM

Blogger Newsquirt said...

Please oh please tell me these will be available online after the con (that's if there are any left)!!

Great stuff man! Some day Ill make it down to San Diego...


10:17 AM

Blogger Ronnie said...

Uloo--Thanks, those buttons are fun to make. I hope the novelty of making them hangs on for a while. simple joys. I did find some time this week to decompress. Did me a lot of good. Thanks.

Justin--Thanks, I hope you like it. I am paging through it all the time. And I've done that a least a couple of thousand times during the making of it.

Jason--They will be available online after the con. Give me some time to settle back after the con and I'll put up something here on the blog or you can write me. San Diego will be there waiting for you when the day comes.


10:56 AM

Blogger John Grillo said...

I've got to echo the comment earlier that I would love to buy my own copy of Paper Biscuit, but happen to be separated from California by about 8,000 miles! I'll keep my fingers crossed and keep checking back here for my chance to buy ^^

Have a wonderful time at the convention!

1:40 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...


You are probably swamped. Not sure whether you can access your paperbisquit email due to your computer crash so I am posting to the blog. Anyway, your banner is printed as well as Enrico's. They are massive. Let me know where to meet so I can drop off. I am single over this weekend so I am flexible.


With these banners, you can ride into San Diego like those warriors in Kurosawa's Ran.

3:44 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Looking forward to seeing you and Enrico come San Diego next week. (It's less than a week away!) :D

6:01 PM

Blogger Clot said...

I just loooove your work! And so glad I've found this weblog :D
Keep posting!!

12:42 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey,Master Ronnie.
There isn't much that i'm more looking forwards to.....
Save all the extra goodies for me too....


10:41 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

So much stuff I have to have! I guess I'm going to your table first.

--Eddie Perkins

7:27 AM

Blogger phoebe said...

eyy i saw u at comic-con yesterday and todayy.
i was with 2 fans of yours and 1 of them marian gave u pocky?!!
we r azn girliesss.
i didn't buy anything coz i never saw yr stuff.
but dont worry i'll borrow their copies
and im pretty sure i will like itt. :D
yer such a niice guy.
hopefully u come back again next yr!!

12:54 AM

Blogger ziroNU said...

Hellloo, Mr. Del Carmen.. I saw you and Mr. Cassarosa at Comicon on Friday! I just wanted to thank you guys for being so nice to us, especially taking into consideration how many rabid fans you must meet at occasions like these.. Mmm.. I don't think you'd remember me, but just in case, i was one of the two that left our sketchbooks at your booth for a sketch.. :) Anyways, once again, thanks for all the cool stuff (Paper Biscuit 1 & 2 are awesome) and I hope to see you again sometime in the future..^^ Hope you had fun at Comicon!

12:57 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mr Del Carmen,
Your work inspires me!! I have to buy Paper Biscuit!! Could I buy it in Amazon?? I live in Brazil, kind of difficult to find it here!

1:45 PM

Blogger Ronnie said...

Eddie--Thanks so much for everything.

Rodolphe--We didn't have time to talk more but I hope you had a massive dose of the Con wonderfulness that you're ready for another one. Like APE or Wondercon!

Phoebe--it was nice to see you all again. Marian has such herding and leadership qualities, doesn't she? Pocky always make the day go better. Write me if you do get a chance to read the books. Regards to your troops.

Zironu--Thank you both for seeking us out. The only reason we're there at all is because we know that people are counting on us to be there. We hope to do this again next year and maybe even do a better job of it.

Leticia--Watch this blog for any online sales updates. But if you like, I just gave a bunch of copies to Stuart Ng. Check my links stip on the right side of the blog for his online store and ask him for Paper Biscuit 2. He's ready for it now, whereas I am going to have to do more day-job frenzy for the next week or so. Write me if you have more questions.

3:01 PM


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