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Sunday, October 24, 2004

Working for a living: More ironic in other places.

Dead tired? I probably don't know the half of it. If you scroll down that page you'll see more pictures of men in business suits who seem to have just fallen asleep (likely they were drunk, too) on their way home from work on sidewalks, in front of malls or stores, curled over their briefcases, bottled tea silently holding vigil as the rest of the workday pedestrians stroll past their limp bodies, leaving them the simple peace that must be the only way they can have any rest.

I know, a second post about Japan in a row? A fixation, Ronnie San? Well, you could say that. I have been planning to visit Japan for years now but have not been able to make it real because of, well...work. I have been going through many worries of late with family being sick and deadlines looming and other pressures. I know, "Mwaaaahhh! Oh, poor working man who draws cartoons! His life has pressures, mwaaah! Sniff!" I get it. I can deal with my day at work. I'm glad I'm not any one of these poor shlubs who have no choice but to get on the subway and hope to catch some guilt-free shut-eye on the way home.

The Masamania.com author was apparently a former porn director (his simple logic about sex--the everday kind that results in you and me, as well as the filmed kind--is amusing and straightforward) wants to talk about what no one wants to talk about in his country. That should give you a clue that there are posts in the archives that are worksafe-not.

This page is made up of photos I actually take in twon. .I hope I can show and tell you the real, true Japan that cannot be seen in other mas media. I am living in Tokyo, Japan. I was born in Japan, grown up in Japan, study English in Japan. This is the reason I can speak Engrish. Some people complain that my updating and email response is slow. And other people conplain that my englsih is poor.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...


I have been working with Japanese customers and suppliers for years. I can definately relate. Some of these guys kept me here at work until 2:00 in the morning. I get telephone calls here at 11:00 which 3:00 in the morning over in Japan. But, when you see these guys crashed out in the floor, typically, the "salary man" drank too much. After hours drinking is part of business culture for better or worse.


11:43 AM

Blogger Ronnie said...

I've heard of that and most of the people posting a response on that site speculates as much. Work hard, drink hard. The latter is a way of coping with the former. A cultural leeway, as a way of deserving that kind of release.

I remember working in ad agencies back in Philippines and we HAD to go out after work and drink. We all went and got drunk, not just drinking. Then you have to amble back to work bright and early to do it all over again.

2:36 PM

Blogger John Grillo said...

I've come across that page before off of a Boing Boing posting. It's totally crazy (but I mean that in kind way). I've been told that Tokyo is a massive place, getting home can be quite a task - passing out in the street however, seems to a-okay. I wonder how many of those business men get their bags stolen. Thanks for bringing my attention over to that site again "Ronnie-san" - I needed a good laugh.

5:11 AM


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