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Thursday, November 11, 2004

I'm in a foul mood

I could tell you all about it but I've decided against it. I wrote a long rant about what's been bugging me lately and I am chucking it. All because it is just that sort of behaviour that's been getting me into some fixes lately. The frustration will just have to find another outlet. Inhale...zen...exhale...

I'll feel better next week. I hope.


Anyway, something to make me feel better. Amazing artists with astounding talent. I find myself relishing their online galleries and wishing they had more. Javier Olivarez is such an artist I think. That image above is his. I don't know him or even remember how I came to visit his website. I troll for art and design and every once and a while I find something in the net that makes all the muck I dredge up worth it. Here's another image:

And speaking of amazing artists, isn't it about time for a Tadahiro Uesugi update? After a month or two of silence--just a quess, could be longer--Master Uesugi blesses us who are rabid about his work with another column of great art. Give yourself a treat and walk back from the precipice--there's great beauty in the world after all.



Blogger Ronnie said...

I wrote this post (and that other unpublished tirade) before I noticed the comments on the previous topic going farther into the discussion. Charles was calling for some normalcy by posting, well...just what I did end up posting. A recent find of an artist I like.

And as for the discussion posted by all. I am very much still in there myself. I am wracked by frustration upon frustration, knowing that dialogue is necessary but is always prickly. Ideologies at odds. I know that you all are good people and only in these times when we are apparently feeling that we have to voice our opinions we fall into entrenching ourselves into immovable stances. I hope that for myself I can see a way to move farther from just what I know and hope others will want to do the same.

Thanks for your posts.


6:49 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow, thanks for posting Ronnie. Javier's work is amazing. That top image is very striking with just black, white and the brown tone. His spotting of blacks is impressive, making the illustration very readable. I need to work on spotting blacks myself...

Thanks for the Tadahiro update as well, but I already commented on that on the drawing board.

Hope your funk lifts.


6:58 AM


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