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Wednesday, December 01, 2004

I'm off to Japan

Lost girl done on storyboard paper. Pencil and watercolor. Actual media rulez. Nina in a Cosplay get up. Did this drawing weeks ago and had meant to post it for Thanksgiving.

Whew! Just got in from chasing down the clock at work. I had to finish a sequence before I left and I almost got it all done, too. Darn. I spent too much time doing some in-between poses for a horde of shots. I'll admit it just this once...I was having fun. Sometimes the work is good, no? My thanks to Heather Feng for paving the way for what portends to be a mind-blowing trip. And my pal, Ricky "King Karaoke" Nierva for heralding our arrival over there so's they don't sic the dobermans at us.

Last minute packing (as always) and hoping I brought the clothes I'd actually wear. My wife packed the suitcase (I'd be a ball of frazzled nerves if I were a day without that woman) and it looked like I can be dressed for every winter scenario (and it's only fall there). Likely, I'll wear half of all that but she says, "You'll never know..." I checked the weather in Tokyo and I see that it's around the low fifties to high forties. Enrico already gave me a heads up that I should wear layers. Boy, I gots me layers alright.

Jing from Super 7 emailed me all these treasure spots of toys, books, what-nots and then some. Ahk! I'm going to be very poor, very soon. This ought to be fun. Charles Kiyasu sent me all these tips on how to get around the commuting hassles. I hope to put them to good use--or relish being lost.

Metafilter featured yours truly last November 27 in an entry (I should tell them that I didn't work on "The Incredibles" huh? I stood right next to people who did. 'That count?) and my website traffic went through the roof. This here blog gained more subcribers as a result. Sweet! My thanks to the folks of Metafilter. Another place that have featured this here website is March Design. I sometimes break some items here that get featured there. Sweet again. If you're looking for a great graphic design related hub then you should visit Coudal Partners. Chocfull of reading and I love the Western State documentaries by Slowtron, one of which I feature right here.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

From justin aka baldpenguin

Wow, that's a cool kogal Nina, nice to see the traditional media back in action lately.

Cool to hear that you're headed off for Japan so soon. Hope you enjoy it!

11:45 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hope you'll post sketches like Enrico has been doing. Have fun!


7:08 PM

Blogger Marc Hudgins said...

Hi Ronnie,

Enjoy Japan (very jealous, haven't been back since '99 and they have these Holbein sumi sets that I can't find anywhere but there, look for them if you can. Kind of like gouache in cake form). Thanks for the plug as well.


8:26 PM


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