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Friday, January 14, 2005

Over Time

Over Time ,from Partizan "A legion of puppets - and one man - are brought to life in this soulful and moving animated short." Directed by Oury & Thomas. Couldn't find out more about the short other than it was completed last year and the earliest raves about the net are from December last year. Haunting, you might forever be affected in how you view muppets and their relationship with their handlers.

They pulled it from boardsmag.com. I've seen blogs (videos.antville.org) where people had been posting a trail of sites where they see the short, then subsequently it gets pulled. I wonder why. People who've seen it are raving about it and it does affect you that way. I wish I can just host it but since the owners of the movie are actively pulling it down, they must be touchy about it.

So, Partizan, have you heard of the equation, "If you build it, they will come?" If you don't want people to see it...

Via March Design


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hmm, the link doesn't seem to link directly to it.

5:03 PM

Blogger Ronnie said...

Must've driven too much traffic to it. Thanks for letting me know, Karen. I wonder if they'll mind if I put up a QT of it.


6:27 PM

Blogger Newsquirt said...

this was posted on the animators mailing list at work this morning. Really wonderful looking. Kinda crazy too. I enjoyed it. It's weird it's getting pulled or whatever is going on. Must've gotten hit really hard today on the net. Im assuming it was 3d. It also has some puppet quality to it as well. What's your take? The man looks very 3d to me.


1:46 AM

Blogger steve said...

Fantastic isn't it. I've always been such a fan of Jim Henson's creations. I wish his children had kept the company rolling. I think there still is a market for Puppets but I may be being nostalgic. Perhaps children are not as fascinated as I was by green felt.

You can see the video here now


3:04 PM


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