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Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Where in the world is Geof Darrow?

"Hey, Ronnie, I know you're a busy guy...," the phone message at work starts. He continues in his regular relaxed voice, typical of those who somehow have figured out how to live the balance of art, commerce and manageable global celebrity, "I was wondering if you might be interested..." Well, the cleverness goes on but delivers the question of whether I would do a pin-up or something for his current release of the series, "Shoalin Cowboy."

But then he says goodbye gently and hangs up. Wait. That's it? Geof? You didn't leave me a phone number to call you!

A week or so later, another message in my machine picks up the same way and jokes about an obvious miscrediting that we did a certain movie about a shark, "I'm kidding I know you guys didn't do that movie." And just as quickly he ends the message. No number again? Not again!

I ask Phil Amara at Dark Horse for any leads he might have because I don't think that any of my old notes on Geof would still work. Phil supplies me with contacts only because he knows that Geof knows me. I used to see Geof every year at San Diego Comic-con for years (before The Matrix swallowed the world and kept Geof from us) when he would share a corner booth with Mike Mignola and he paid me an enormous compliment by even knowing who I was. "You did that Alien book with the two girls." I lived off of that for years. "You should do more comics." That one I dip into in deep depression phases.

As it turns out the email and numbers Phil gave me are dead ends as well. I spoke to two kindly french ladies who told me that they don't know any Geof Darrow. Apologizing I make my polite phone exit with the first one, "You already called here before," she says.

"You got another call about Geof?"

"Yes, tonight." It seems that I'm not the only one Geof is perplexing and put on the hunt for him. I apologize again for good measure. "You're welcome." Nice French ladies.

But I am still without a way to have a dialogue with Geof. This one-sided phone tag seems to have intervals of a week or so and time may be of issue if I am to be of any service to him. So...If anyone of you have talked to Geof recently or you are Geof, please call me or send me email. Numbers to respond to would be greatly appreciated.

I'll keep you all posted if the hunt for Darrow bears fruit.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

On your answering machine, you could change the message to add a caveat - "If this is Geof, thanks for the messages, but you didn't leave a callback number; I would love to get in touch but have no way to do so at present." or something like that. Hopefully he will then leave a number next time he leaves a message.

5:17 AM

Blogger Ronnie said...

Thanks for the suggestion, but all is well now. One of the email addresses Phil had me try out worked. Whew! I guess I was afraid I'd miss out on doing anything for him if more time passed.

Geof was ever so considerate of bugging me or having me incur long distance costs--that's why he didn't leave a number. Nice guy, eh?

I'll post an update on what our talk is about. Or not if he wants it to be on the down low.



10:59 AM

Blogger Chad Kerychuk said...

I was listening to the Word Balloon interview with Geof today and ended up bouncing over here. Did you end up doing a pin-up for the book?

I've got a Rusty print from Geof from several years back in San Diego. He drew a great little dinosaur on it since I was a friend of Mark Schultz and Michael Ryan. Geof is easily one of the most genuine, nicest guys/pros I've ever met.

I think there could be quite an intensely amazing collaboration between you two!


4:10 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

have you red Journey to Ixtlan?
what do you think about the chapter that deals with being or not being available??


8:52 PM


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