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Monday, March 21, 2005

Uesugi Gallery

Tadahiro Uesugi has a gallery show in Japan and we can't go! Bummer! So, I know we get a healthy dose of his work from his website already--it's never enough with us, isn't it?--and we did meet the man himself (need a refresher on that event? Here). But the unique thing about this is that it is his work with actual media with some (or all, I'm not sure). Aww, heck, I really don't need much of a reason to want to hop on a plane and see his work in person again. So, it kills me that we can't go. Big baby that I am. And I can't read Japanese. Lucky for me Enrico does. See what he found out about it here.

Dazzle Gallery link for the Uesugi images here.

Howl's Moving Castle News

The Shinkong Mitsukoshi department store in Taipei recently hosted an exhibit of artwork from the film, including beautiful sculpted sets.

"Howl's Moving Castle will be released in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and New York on June 10. An expanded release will follow domestically in 700 to 800 theatres. In comparison, the general release of Spirited Aw

ay was extremely limited and only expanded to 700+ theaters after it won the Oscar for Best Animated Theatrical Feature.

Via Boing Boing>Bing and nausicaa.net


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am itching to see that movie, waiting for it to come to Canada is impossible. The Diana Wynne Jones book it's based on was one of my absolute favourites when I was a kid. I was so impressed by Spirited Away It brought anime to a whole new level, I'm excited to see if it could possibly be topped.
Doubley fabulous. I just hope Disney gives it the distribution it desrves (though I doubt it).

4:27 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...


Thanks for the post on Uesugi-san. I hope that he is encouraged to publish an art book as it appears that he is getting a lot of interest outside Japan. His work is whimiscal and elegant. I like in particular #6 which has a great light effect.

Even though there is great stuff coming out of Japan as you highlight in your blog, we are blessed that there is wonderful work that is being created right here in the USA like the Flight Anthology in particular,the work of Catia Chien. Funny, I bought the book last year but just put away in bookcase. During the Flight show last year at Super 7, Enrico encouraged me to buy this tiny handcraft book by Catia which I filed way. 2 weeks ago, I stumbled across her handmade book, and read "Tumbleweed" in Flight. Honestly, it was the best graphic story that I have read in a very long time. "lyrical, imaginative, understated, beautiful, emotional." At her point in her career, I believe that the story she matches the skills of Dave McKean/ Bill Seinkiwitcz only that her work seems to dance across the pages. To lay it on the table, I have not been as moved since the Giants lost game 6 of the World Series or the first time that I heard Kind of Blue by Miles Davis.


10:36 PM

Blogger Jodie said...

I had no idea that Howl's Moving Castle was being turned into a movie. Hurray! It is one of my favorites.

11:49 AM

Blogger Ronnie said...

Beth--I wan't to read the book, now that I've seen the movie--in Japanese though. Spirited Away is my favorite Miyazaki movie, and believe me that's splitting hairs with his lot of great stories. I do know that they are recording the American dub as we speak, big names. So, it may just get a decent send off here.

Charles--Catia is indeed awesome. Very impressed with her work. I hope to see her in a solo venture.

Jodie--you're in for a treat, then. I love the dog and the flame character in it. I'll watch it a few more times in English myself.

11:54 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I absolutely loved the movie and the book was just as good. The move and book differ some but thats because it would have taken way to much time and explanation for a lot of the stuff to fit it in to a movie. I like what Miyazaki did with it. I highly recogmend reading the book if you've seen the movie or if you're about to see it.

12:21 AM

Blogger Unknown said...

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3:24 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

where was this picture taken? it looks like a real place, so cool.

3:25 PM

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