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Monday, February 28, 2005

Gallery this weekend!

Enrico and I are putting up work from "Fragments"on the gallery space of Super 7. They've generously offered to feature us starting this Saturday, March 5, 2005 and will run for a month. Artwork from both our comic books, sketchbooks as well as other pieces created to sell just for this show, like this one.

Gouache and pencil on color board

Super 7 is at 1630 Post St., SF, CA 94115. Call them at 415 409 4700. Opening reception starts at 6 p.m. There'll be refreshmenst and a good crowd o' drawing and toy folks about. See you there.

Super 7 store. Check out their blog. Heck look at the rest of the site. Chock full of stuff you want and those great nice folks who run it are the best. Am I gushing?

Enrico Casarosa Journal

And, as if that wasn't enough--SKETCHCRAWL! The very next day at that. March 6, 2005 we'll meet at the Starbucks on Stockton and and Sutter, one block from Union Square and right in front of the Stockton parking garage and the tunnel. Okay, you can give us grief about the choice of cafe, it's what we came up with for the moment. Next time we'll do the east bay and we'll pack Gaylords' on Piedmont Avenue or Rooz (hey, free wireless for the price of a cuppa joe, not bad). Bring your sketchbook and drawing implements of choice and we'll leave all our cares back at the office where they belong. It's about drawing damnit!

Sketchcrawl forum


Blogger Jason Newkirk said...

Dang, wish I was in San Fran so I could see you guys art live and in person hanging up. Bet it's a sight! Good luck with the show. Amazing stuff Ronnie!

10:36 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Whyyy...i don't livig in America?? :'(
maybe a show in France soon? pleeeease! :D


12:21 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I finally made it to one of your shows! Just happened to be in the Bay Area this past weekend, and at almost the last minute decided to go to Super 7 on Sunday, a place I've never been(Loved it, of course-a wonderful selection of stuff, and I managed to pick up your first Paper Biscuit-finally!-and a swell Fragments t-shirt, very swanky). I wasn't able to check your blog, so didn't know about the crawl-a damn shame as I would have gladly gone along...as it was, I sat outside in the blazing sunshine in the little plaza right next to the shop, sketching away-very inspired by all your and Enrico's work--only thing, R.--put up more! MORE! It was all sold(save for one)when I got there! ; )

Congrats on a swell showing!

-Jenny L.

4:21 PM

Blogger Mustashrik said...

Hey there Ronnie,

Wish i could have been there, sounds like it was ace!

Ever thought about coming to the UK to do somthing similiar, and how can i, living in Englad get a hold of your Paper Biscuits?

7:21 AM


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