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Thursday, April 07, 2005

Drawing post just because

Photoshop. Entirely digital. Immediate and instant.

Finished a sequence that's been on my plate for ages it seems. So, what do you do to ritualize an end to something? Draw, what else? Needed some verve and action as well as do sketchy with a Photoshop brush. It's what I'm thinking of a standard brush for a production, likely one of a handful. Limitations are necessary. Been needing to exhale for a while. Cryptic, no?

I haven't visited a Nina thread at the Sketchbook Session's forum. Rayl started this way back and Barnaby Ward resurrected it from a year ago. See various interpretations of Nina by the community. Here.

drawingboard.org This is an art community. People post all manner of drawings, including nudes. So, you've been warned.


Blogger Allan L. said...

Entirely digital? I take it you have a Wacom thingee?

8:29 PM

Blogger Ronnie said...

Yep. A Wacom Cintiq. I don't own it. I borrow it between furious flurries of howling work at work.

I may need to get one of my own now. Rather getting used to the fine thing.

Thanks for the post.


9:46 AM

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