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Saturday, July 09, 2005

Paper Biscuit t-shirts

Tess and Gerin posed for me this afternoon at Rooz Cafe on Piedmont Avenue. Coffee's good, wireless is free, artwork on the walls support local aritsts and the light is good for fashion shoots. And they also like my books!

Current designs. Another cutting-it-too-close production idea that was pulled off lickety-split. Thanks to Brian Stern at Badskulls for the zippy, on the fly produciton solutions. All materials we're bringing down to Comic-con were made real by the willingness of suppliers to work with my schedules and limitations. If I were more organized I'd be somewhat of a threat. Or at least a mild annoyance.

This year's t-shirts are made with crowd favorite American Apparel tees. They come in Grass and Heather. The tees were modelled by the beauties in my life: my beautiful muse, partner, healer, Tess models the green and Gerin, our charming stunner daughter models the heather. We have them in men's shirts as well but I'll spare you my visage until you reach the con. Sizes are in L and M. The large in both men and women, in our experience, seem to fit Large and Medium body types and the Medium can accomodate Medium to Small. Come and check it out.

Bad Skulls
Rooz Cafe


Blogger amelia said...


8:25 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Buddy,

You better get the double barrel shot gun out of closet and sit a spell on the porch :) Just kidding. You have a great family.


10:16 PM

Blogger Clay Sisk said...

Love your work...Wish I could make it to the Con! Have a great time!


11:34 PM

Anonymous wendy said...

The t-shirts look great! (& your models are lovely). Good luck at the Comic-con. (hopefully you'll have a couple t-shirts left over when it is all said and done.)

3:56 AM

Blogger Mustashrik said...

Hope you enjoy the Comi-Con Ronnie!

Wish i could get there, but unfortunatley im one of the overseas fans! ;)


11:20 AM

Blogger Pol-inK said...

I like, one for me please!!!

2:19 PM


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