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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Dan Lee Book launch and this weekend's Sketchcrawl

Just to show the book again with some pages. Powerhouse assist by Tony Fucile, who happened on me at the stairwell (good light there) taking snaps of it with one hand holding the book, camera in the other. That's Tony Fucile, right there! Anyway, I didn't dare show the full Fucile. Could be too much. Saving that for a future post

"In Your Face" book launch this Thursday. Just a reminder for those of you who're local or are planning on it. The lovely Carmen Ngai had patiently waited this past Sunday for all the framed artwork from the artists doing the show, taking great care to bubble wrap each precious one. I couldn't see any of it (other than mine), so I'm wanting to find out if there's a few that I'd like to buy right off as well. Here are the particulars again.

"In Your Face" Book Launch Party
Canvas Gallery Cafe.
August 25, 2005 (Thurs)
7:00pm to 12:00am

Dan Lee Book Launch blog
The Canvas Gallery Events page
Cartoon Brew

Pen and pencil with watercolor, finished on Photoshop. Drawing done a couple of weeks ago at Rooz Cafe on Piedmont Avenue. Hey, free wireless, can't beat that. The folks running the coop are great to talk to, and art on the ceiling!

And,again, a reminder that the 4th World Wide Sketchcrawl in honor of Dan Lee and Joe Ranft will be this Saturday. What are we doing? Where do we meet? Let's hear what Enrico tells us.

We are meeting at 10:30 am at Dolores Park Cafe, Dolores and 18th. It should be nice. The mission has a nice gritty feel to it that I look forward to drawing. Here's the rough itinerary: we'll be around the mission for a few hours, have lunch there and then head toward Church and Market where we can take the N-Juda to Cole Valley, there we can get off and wonder around Cole Valley, the Haight and then end up into Golden Gate Park ... chill, draw people ... get to the Japanese Garden and maybe even that little lake above it with the chinese temples ...
then Canvas Gallery Cafe around 6pm....

that's it ... should be fun!

And if any of you are coming and would like to buy Dan's book "in your face" a collection of his cafe sketches, I can bring some for you (it's $10) ...
here's the description at Amazon.

Map to corner cafe where we start Dolores Park Cafe, Dolores and 18th Street

Sketchcrawl Forum
Enrico's new blog


Blogger Amelia Lorenz said...

Hi Ronnie, I was wondering- would it be possible for me to buy Paper Biscuit 2.5 this Saturday at the SketchCrawl? I've been itching to read it ever since it came out.


11:29 PM

Blogger Ronnie said...

I'll try to bring a few of the last two books. Drop me email this Friday to remind me, 'kay?

See you there.


11:40 PM

Blogger Unknown said...

Hi Ronnie,

I'm a big fan of your work, lovely sketches and watercolours! I'm always impressed by your sketches, they're so strong!
I went to Pixar last January to vist my friend Bolhem, I didn't get the chance to meet you, I met Enrico.
I wanted to ask you about your screen tablet, wacom cintiq, what do you think about it, I'm thinking about getting one and enrico told me few days ago that you have one,

Thank you


3:08 AM

Blogger Nick Sung said...

Have a good sketchcrawl Ronnie; wish I could be there. Make sure to post some drawings!

9:27 PM


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