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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Rockridge Sunday

A quiet Sunday. Rockridge had a street fair, sidewalk sale, food and drinks by the Bart Station (my daughter danced in a recital of sorts for her dance class studio. Parent promptly videos same). A band rocked out for the families and young adults. Pork Sandwich, oysters, wine, cheeses...just a relaxing day. Oh, let's not forget the coffee. No car stolen today. Ahhhh...

Intended to draw all day but never got to it. I took pictures of the sketchbook instead. After the rigmarole of reclaiming my stolen car I bought my son a used car for his eighteenth birthday. I'm not loaded, I got him one that gets him from here to there. Coudn't wait to spring it on him. We did so yesterday. Surprise!

I know that this post is rather self-indulgent, but I've had a time with the car and I could talk about writing for feature animation and writing for yourself, or drawing professionally and drawing for yourself, but such rants are too leaden for me at the moment. I've got them burning a hole in my tirade pocket. It'll still be there next week. I hope you all had a nice weekend.


Blogger sir said...

don't worry about being self indulgent from time to time. sometimes these types of posts remind us to take the time to smell the roses.

6:14 PM

Blogger Paul Tuller said...

mmm smelling roses :)
The street fair sounded awesome, I would have liked to see Gerin's dance. A nice relaxing sunday I take it.

7:41 PM

Blogger Amelia Lorenz said...

A relaxing post as well. Calmed my nerves after homework. :)


8:29 PM

Blogger John S. said...

I like the slice of life stuff.
The way you write it is very engaging.
You definitly have a way with words, sir.

10:43 AM

Blogger Ronnie said...

Thanks to you, folks, for keeping tabs on me. I've been swamped with all mannner of frenzy, some of them borne out of my natural tendency to be frazzled. Good to let it all go and be zen every now and then.

And then there's tequila shots.

Be well.


8:58 PM


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